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Cue for Treason: Chapters 17-20

A presentation on the key parts of chapters 17-20 from the story Cue for Treason by Geoffrey Trease.

c r

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Cue for Treason: Chapters 17-20

Cue for Treason:
Chapters 17-20 by Chalani r, Megan F, Stacy w, Spencer P Chapter 17 Held for Questioning Chapter 19 Besieged Peter returns home from Ullswater. His mother and Kit tell him that the conspirators have left Peel tower and have taken all their information with them. Peter tells Kit about the rebellion plan and the two decide to go to Keswick to meet Mr. Armthwaite, a justice of the peace, to send news to Sir Robert in London. Just as things are going well, Sir Philip Morton shows up and wants to look around the house for the two boys. Peter's father denies his request, which causes Sir Philip and his men to make a battering-ram and charge in. Philip and Kit escape through the dairy window in the back and head off to Keswick. chapter 18 Held for Questioning Then Who is
Loyal? Peter wakes up and finds himself on a hill with Anthony Duncan. He tries to escape from his imprisonment while Duncan is getting him a dink, but realizes that there is no way to leave when he sees that he is completely surrounded by water. Despite the risk, he tries to escape by swimming, but is quickly caught by his jailer. Duncan ties up his limbs, but only enough so that he is still able to eat. Peter deduces that they are currently on one of the many islets of Ullswater, miles away from Peel Tower. Duncan reveals that Sir Philip is coming to interrogate him and they they plan on keeping him as a prisoner until their plot has been carried out. Peter sees that his captors will not kill him until they find out how much he knows about their plans of treason, so he decides not to tell Duncan anything. Peter frees his feet with a shard of broken glass and grabs a stone with his newly freed limbs. He then proceeds to hit Duncan with it, thus knocking him out. After looking out at the water and seeing a storm brew before him, Peter realizes he's still a prisoner since he's unable to swim a quarter mile. Will Peter be able to escape? Peter tied up Ducan, but loosened the cords Peter swims across Ullswater Peter gets chased and shot at by Sir Phillip Morton and his men Sir Phillip Morton and his men block off all the roads to escape Two men follow Peter up a mountain Peter pushes the bigger man off the mountain and the other retreats will he be at the wrong place at the wrong time? Kit and Peter have escaped,
but will they make it to Keswick? by Stacy Williams, Chalani Ranasinghe, Spencer Prashad and Megan Fernandez ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Peter and kit escape from Sir Phillip Morton and goes to Mr.Bell to get more help. Mr.Bell gathered as man people as he could. Peter and Kit took their horses from the stable to go see the magistrate. Kit and Peter finally reached the magistrate, Mr.Armthwaite just in time. Peter finally told his story to Mr.Armthwaite. Mr.Armthwaite was just about to pull the bell cord but, Suddenly Kit pointed her pistol at him and threatened to kill him. Peter had no clue on what Kit was doing.Kit had figured out that Mr.Armthwaite was apart of Sir Phillip Morton's plan. They locked Mr.Armthwaite in, then escaped through the window and changed their horses. Kit explained peter how she figured out how she knew he was apart of the plot. Peter was reliefed about what Kit did. Which made them wonder, "who could be trusted?" Peter decided they had to go directly to London and tell Sir Robert the news themselves, because they couldnt trust anyone. Striding Edge Peter knocks Duncan out
chapter 20
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