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No description

Savannah Davis

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Diseases

Symptoms description/definition Risk factors/transmission Treatments/Cures/preventions 100 200 300 400 500 100 Is there a cure for the cold? 100 200 300 400 500 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Disease Jeopardy Name two treatments/preventions/cures of the flu. 600 600 600 600 D
e J
y BONUS 100 200 300 400 500 600 - drink liquids
- rest in bed
- use tissue
- avoid sharing No cure because it is a virus. The flu is a fungus?
True/False False, the flu is a virus. Name the cures/treatments/preventions of AIDS. - medications Be sure to click all of the questions in ORDER. Give a definition or description for skin cancer. Abnormal growth of skin cells. Is skin cancer an infectious disease or a noninfectious disease? Noninfectious. Name one symptom of AIDS. - sick feeling
- weight loss
- memory loss
- swollen lymph
- fever Name three symptoms of heart disease. - high blood pressure
- chest pain
- heart attack
- stroke
- hardening of arteries Name two symptoms of asthma. - difficult breathing
- wheezing Name three symptoms of the flu. - fever
- muscle aches
- cough Name one of the symptoms of skin cancer. - appearance of skin Name all of the symptoms of the cold. - sore throat
- runny nose
- fever Symptoms What are the cures/treatments/preventions for heart disease? - life style change
- medicine
- surgery Name three cures/treatments/preventions for skin cancer. - freezing
- surgery
- radiation
- chemotherapy Is there a cure for asthma? No, attacks start for no reason. Cures/treatments/preventions Give a definition/description for the cold. Illness caused by a viral infection located in respiratory system. AIDS is caused by a protist.
True/False False, AIDS is a virus caused by human immunodeficiency virus. Give a definition/description for asthma. Disease that affects lungs and airways that deliver air to the lungs. Give a definition/description for heart disease. Disease of circulatory system caused when there are problems with the heart or blood vessels. Definition/description Fun Fact DISEASE JEOPARDY Name two ways the flu is transmitted. - spreads through air
- sneezing
- coughing
- speaking
- touching contaminated objects What are three risk of skin cancer? - tanning
- age
- genetics
- limit/avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation Name two risk of getting asthma. - inflamed airways response to stimuli
- dust
- mold
- pets
- exercise
- cold weather How is AIDS transmitted? Direct contact with another persons body fluids or blood What are the risks of getting heart disease? - genetics
- age
- smoking
- high blood pressure
- over weight
- not exercising How is the cold transmitted? - breathing in cold droplets
- touching contaminated objects Transmission/Risk Is the flu caused by a pathogen? Yes, because it is a infectious disease. Heart disease is infectious?
True/False False, because it is not caused by a pathogen. What type of disease is AIDS?
A. infectious
B. noninfectious A. infectious Is asthma an infectious disease or a noninfectious disease? Noninfectious because it cannot be spread from one organism to the other. The cold is a noninfectious disease?
True/False False, because the cold is caused by a pathogen. BONUS The cold affects the respiratory system mostly in the throat and nose. Fun Fact Skin cancer affects the skin in the integumentary system. Fun Fact The flu weakens your body and affects the respiratory system. Fun Fact Heart disease affects the heart in the circulatory system. Fun Fact Asthma affects the lungs in the respiratory system. Fun Fact AIDS affects the blood in the circulatory system.
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