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Mimi Kinniburgh

No description

Mimi Kinniburgh

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Mimi Kinniburgh

Mimi Kinniburgh There isn't much you need to know. I'm me...
That's really it! I make messes, I don't care,
I have a family that loves me... and I have the
most amazing bestfriend/boyfriend on the
face of the Earth. Not to get off topic, but
when girls tell me all guys are alike... i have no
choice but to laugh. Because mine is one
of a kind<3 All about me... My favorite food is pizza. OHHH, and
Mexican! In my small town people
come from miles around to eat at our
mexican place! My favorite color is
blue, WaterValley blue to be exact!
My favorite thing to do is play sports!
My favorite sport to watch? Baseball
of course! Ain't nothin like Those
baseball boys!<3 My favorite things... I have this deep dark secret. One that not
even my bestfriend knows. And well, its
one of them things you want to tell the
whole world.... but you can't. I'll give y'all a
brief summary. Bullying and Abuse hurt.
All the time people say "she can say what
she wants, and it wont hurt me" but the
same girl that says she's strong, goes
home and cries every night. My secret.... If you learn anything. ANYTHING at all
from this power point I hope you learn
words do hurt... You know, the Bible
says... "Don't let any unholy talk come
out of your mouth, but only what is
helpful for building others up." Please,
if you learn anything, learn to build
others up, NOT burn them down!!!!!!!! Please...
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