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Urban Isolation

No description

michael hutchinson

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Urban Isolation

Matt Meadows
Urban Isolation By Michael Hutchinson Urban Alienation Happy Birthday! Moroccan Backstreets This photograph was taken in the urban environment of London. It shows a man sitting on a bench. The man is isolated and lonely. The Artist wanted too highlight the loneliness and alienation of urban spaces through this photograph. It is the photographer's father's birthday. In this picture he appears to be alone and isolated. What I can see from this photo is an old man with not much life left, he appears to have no family or friends and is completely isolated in his own little world. The photograph uses very dark colours, making a sad mood when you look at the photo. Matthew was born in London in June of 1967. After graduating from college with a BA (hons) in Graphic Design, he drifted into storyboarding work and Photography. After many years residing in London, he currently lives in Bristol but regularly works all over the world.

This was a photo taken by matthew in the morrocan backstreets. The intentions of this photograph was too show how only one street from the main streets of the city you can still be isolated and alienated. The main focus of this photograph is the man at the other end of the street. He appears to be walking alone and towards the lighter part of the photograph.
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