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The Carbon Cycle in the Desert

No description

Elf Owl

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Carbon Cycle in the Desert

Then it comes up into the air by the fossil fuels going into a dune buggy and coming up by emission and stays up here until 1 of the 2 things happen it goes to.....
Soil and Ground
But when animals die their bodies still have carbon in them so when their bodies are decaying and the carbon in their bodies goes into the ground to start the process all over again
Fossil Fuel
This is the root of all carbon. It all starts here and it goes up into a dune-buggys or where ever you are but if you are in the desert you ride these then it goes.......
Then it goes to animals so they can breath and then exhale carbon dioxide to repeat the cycle but when...
The Carbon Cycle in the Desert
This is a kangaroo rat. This is one of the many things that need air to survive
This is a Elf Owl. This is one of the many things that need air to survive
This is a Cooper's Hawk. This is one of the many things that need air to survive
Then carbon dioxide comes here and makes air so it can help complete a stage called photosynthesis so it can make air so it can provide it for... Also this is desert grass
Or believe it or not but when it does rain in the desert near California about 2 inches a year some of the carbon comes down and the carbon gets soaked into the ground then goes into plants to start the cycle again
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