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The Wall by Jean-Paul Sartre

English 12, 2013

Tristan May

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of The Wall by Jean-Paul Sartre

Setting Aspects of Plot Conflict Dilemma in The Wall:
Pablo attempting to decide if he should give up Ramon or not Pablo
The Lieutenant
Ramon Gris
Juan Label each of the following as Dynamic, Static, Flat or Round Antecedent Action & Complicative Incident After the verdict is revealed, suspense is created by the moment-by-moment living state Pablo and his companions have turned to Suspense Ending Starts off with denial, then takes a turn to tenebrous, then the acknowledgment of the impending death Mood Swings Symbol Dilemma is defined as a protagonist forced to choose between two undesireable actions Man vs Man - Lieutenant vs Rebels, Pablo and his companions Antecedent Action: Pablo is attending his own trial
Complicative Incident: Pablo, Tom and Juan hear their dire sentence, that of death. The ending of "The Wall" by Jean-Paul Sartre is a surprise ending, as Pablo's original goal was to give the Lieutenant the wrong location for Ramon Gris as a final rebellious act, yet by a strange coincidence, Ramon Gris was found at the cemetery as Pablo told the Lieutenant THE WALL:
The wall is a symbol of imminent death. The accused men are sentenced to death at the wall the next morning. The wall is where the prisoners line up to be shot. For the main character, Pablo, the wall also symbolizes the barrier he is creating within himself to block out his emotions. He is placing both a wall around himself by alienation from the other inmates and creating a wall within him as he perceives his body functioning independently of his emotions and senses. Set in 1930s, in Spain during a revolution Conflict is defined as Man vs Man, Man vs Self, and Man vs Environment Man vs Self - Pablo deciding whether or not to sell Ramon out to the army Theme When faced with impending death, important symbols of a person’s life become irrelevant and insignificant as said person begins to live moment by moment, and that death is unnatural, as humans live as if they will never die, also known as the illusion of being eternal. Irony Ironically Pablo’s attempt to mislead the soldiers ends up having the opposite effect.
The location of the graveyard is ironic: Gris tries to escape his death by going to a place that is associated with death. The Wall Jean Paul Sartre
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