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No description

Samia Cornelius

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Netflix

Voice recognition
Fantasy vs Reality
Fantasy vs Reality
Blade runner(1982)
Springing out of the young entreprenuers
camped out in a basement.
Expanded vision.
Expanded vision.

From a movie released
back in 1968(computer mouse in early stages) named 2001:
A space odyssey.
Capable of receiving
audio and visual commands.
Equipped with AI too.
From a series named
Knight rider(1982).
Design intelligently to fight
crime on it's own.
Capable of engage itself
in colloquial discussion
while solving crimes.
A system which the character pans, zooms and
requests for a hard copy. Everything
via voice recognition.
System equipped with AI too.
Call centers
- Talking to an ivr on a phone and making it to connect
you to the right dept.
- Identity purposes, where you could authenticate a certain
person without putting personal data at risk.
- Annoying Push button ivrs etc.
Smart Phones
Mapping to transcription
Searching through navigation.
Ford Sync
an 8 inch screen that allows user to perform
functions like making/receiving calls, control music, set navigation
Everything through
audio commands.
It responds back in the same manner to make it look
more interactive.
Did Hollywood get it right?
Gestural Interfaces
The fantasy
Michael Douglas dons some cool glasses and gloves
and enters a "virtual reality" mode to search a document.
Again gestural interface
on a transparent glass.
The Island
Sean interacts with a large multi-touch
table using gestures and physical objects such as a glass pyramid.
Minority report(2002)
Tom Cruise dressed in black standing in front
of wrap-around bank of transparent screens, making some
dramatic gestures to navigate through a set of images.
It felt so real
It totally changed the thinking of how we interact with the
Disclosure 2 (1994)
A flat glass screen
for the user to interact.
Allowing the functions like swipe, navigate via touch, engaging multi-windows. In short using gestures as the point of interation.
Oblong (2013)
If we mentioned minority report, how can we ever miss oblong inc.
to put extract that idea out of fantasy and put it into the real
world. A video would better explain that
It felt so real
A totally changed the thinking of how we interact with the
Are movies a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy? Meaning that we subconsciously strive to re-create the experiences we see on the screen? Or are movies just very good at reading the tea leaves and anticipating where the technology trends will inevitably take us? I believe it is a little bit of both.
In a nutshell
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