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Novels + Computers = Book Trailers

No description

Kevin Besnoy

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Novels + Computers = Book Trailers

Novels + Computers = Book Trailers
Kevin D. Besnoy
The University of Alabama

Why Gifted Learners?
We must teach process skills - not just engage students
Steps to Implementing a Book Trailer Assignment
A - nalyze
D - esign
D - velopment
I - mplementation
E - valuation
Kevin D. Besnoy
I'm interested in working with you and your students as you integrate technology into your instruction
What Are Book Trailers?
Students use multimedia to express book's message
Transfer knowledge into tangible product
Like movie trailers - entice viewers to read a specific book
What are process skills?

Hierarchy of Process-Oriented Technology Skills

• Engage with social media to promote digital goods, services, and ideas

• Use digital relationships to collaboratively produce digital goods, services, and ideas

• Communicate ideas to others in a socially responsible manner

• Establish and maintain digital social relationships

• Authenticate the veracity of information

• Gather and disseminate information through digital mediums

Which process skills are needed to complete this assignment?
who are you learners?
what are your outcomes?
what are your resources?
what is your time frame?
the learning environment & exercise
the sample
the assessment
engage students with activity
guide students - check for process skill attainment as you go
met learning objectives (content)
met learning objectives (process skills)
get student feedback on lesson - what went well what did not
provide students with feedback on lesson - what went well what did not
reflect on lesson - what went well what did not
create the learning environment
create assessments
create resources
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