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No description

Anais Emma

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Kenya

Kenya is a country in the East of Africa. The capital city is Nairobi
Quick Presentation
for you Kenya is a land full of magic
Kenya = THE country in term of wild animals. But there's also thousands of children who die everyday because they are hungry and they doesn't have potable water.

That's why my father and his best friend decided to participate to the second edition of a solidarity run in Kenya with the association « FRANCE KENYA SPORT SOLIDARITY » and the race is called « Kimbia Kenya ».
That's why...
The objectives
The objectives of this run is to run in a
territory with
wild animals
beautiful landscapes
and at the same time, visit several schools to give
school material

The itinerary
The preparation , not in term of running, was certainly on of the biggest part of the job. Since July 2013 , they created their association
They also pre-sold pictures of Kenya that they are editing at the moment.
They did a lot of promotion and talked about this experience at the radio, in the journals and even at the TV ! Here is some pictures !
school materials
40 kg !
5 Stop Off in 8 days
5x10 km or 5x20 km
February 8th
Lake Elementaita
Rift valley
February 9th
February 10th
Nakuru Lake
1st Run
Met students
February 11th
Eburru Mount

february 12th
Day with masai
February 13th
Crescent Island
Boat Ride
Hell's Gate
Results and Prices
February 15th
Letter from students
Eat Crocodile & Ostrich
Random pics
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