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Body Language

No description

Charma Linville

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Body Language

Send the Right Message
Interviewing Body language
Head Posture
Eye Contact
Hands, Arms and Legs
Voice Delivery
Interviewer's Message
- Sit upright
- Be relaxed
- Lean slightly forward
- Position your head
- Nod your head in agreement
-Tilt ou head slightly to one side
-Friendly and open
-Keeping head straight shows self-assured and authoritative
-Pay attention to the posture of the interviewer
-Mirror the interviewer's posture
- Loosely clasp your hands on your lap
- DO NOT TOUCH OR RUB your face
- DO NOT fold your arms across your chest.
- It shows the signs of attitude.
- Too much leg movement shows that you are nervous.
- Keep direct eye contact
- Don't hold contact for more then 10 seconds at a time
- If the interviewer is asking you questions, raise your hand and make regular eye contact.
-Speak in a clear and controlled voice
-DO NOT speak mono-toned
- Varying you tone and pitch is best.
- Do not have too much or too strong emotion.
-If the interviewer crosses arms or leans away it could mean that they are feeling uncomfortable.

-Drumming fingers and rubbing the face can indicate irritation.

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