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No description

Bryanna Albritton

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Pandora


Who was Pandora
~The first moral women
~Zeus created her because he was mad at Prometheus, who had even the mortals special gifts.
~ Zeus gave the mortal one more gift and that was Pandora.
Each god gave her something to make her perfect.
~Venus: beauty
~Mercury: persuasion
~Apollo: music
~Hephaestus: voice
~Hermes: prettiness
~Zeus: Epimethius
A Gift
The Story
Prometheus stole fire form the heaven. Zeus was very upset so he told Hephaestus and the others gods to create a woman.The he gave her to Epimethius for a bride. After she was delivered. Pandora opened up a jar ( Pitos) which Zeus had given as a wedding present which she was not suppose to open. Due to her curiosity out flew swarms of evil spirits trapped within. they would plague mankind. The only thing that was left was hope. A single blessing to help mankind in their sufferings.
~ Pandora radio is called Pandora because she let her curiosity get the best of her, when she opened it and released many evils into the world. For their radio name, Pandora Media liked the combined implications of the word "Pandora" in terms of both music and curiosity.

~ Pandora Bracelet has the name Pandora in it because each charm is a gift that is given like pandora was given gifts.
Fun Facts
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