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Tv studies

No description

Timothy Wilkes

on 23 May 2010

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Transcript of Tv studies

E4 was founded by the The channel 4 televison corpration was launched as a
paying telvion companion on the January 18th 2001. The aims of its creation were to appeal to a larger audience, primarily of the younger generation and is a non publicly taxed funded channel but recives is funding from commercialy driven promotional advertising. Target audience
and scheduling New media and

Since the shows popularity has risen overs the years, it has given away to new media and promotional strength. E4 radio

This extensive media connextion was to be realeased onto airways, it was mentioned on July 6th 2007. Where it wouldv'e aired in July 2008

'Youth and entertainment station E4 Radio will be the first of Channel 4's three digital radio services to hit the airwaves when it launches in July next year.'

TheGuardian/News/Media/12.30pm/E4Radiotogoonairin July2008/WhatChannel4willoffer/BenDowell/

But unfourtantly that wasn't to be, with the show being abounded by channel 4 executives.

'Channel 4 has abandoned plans to set up three digital radio stations, blaming a slump in advertising revenues.'

bbcnews/pdatedat11:15 GMT/Friday10thOctober2008 12:15UK/Channel4abandonsdigitalradio

Social networking has been a main cause for the promotionl rise in popularity of programmes. One examples of this rise in new media was for the second series of skins in the year 2008 where a massive surge in online promotion swamped myspace by millions of fans of about 9.3 million.

researched was conducted into the users of social networking. With main targets for the programme were around 16 to 34 year olds.

'This demograph are massive users of social net working with 92% of the uk's 15-34 year olds regualry using social networks i.e. MySpace.'

'Its objective was to create buzz and excitment. Drive aduiences to watch the new series and to create a dialogue with network users and create affinity with the skins cast members profiles.'

'The e4 skins custom profuile became one of the largest MySpace Uk promtions with the campaign reaching a staggering 58,000 friends who generated 1.3 million page viewers.'

'The shows awerness amongst it's target audience reached 87%, combined with the impressive engagment figures caused the airing of the first season 2 episode to 1.6 million viewers from a low 0.5 million.'

Reference: IABUKHome/Research&Case/CaseStudies/Entertainmentandmedia/SkinsandMySpace

On the 27th April 2005 it was announded that E4 would be moving to a freeview service. This was done as to increase advertising revenue by attracting larger viewing figures.

But in the year 2008 on May 6th the channel became free to air.

'Until now the channels were viewable via satellite only to those with a Sky subscription, which before hand was the channles main funding from watchers.'

The broadcaster negotiated a change to its conditional access contract with Sky in order to make all three channels to be available to those with Freesat equipment.''

'Sky has informed subscribers that from today E4 and More4 will no longer be a part of its variety pay TV channel package.'

Digitalspy/Home/Media/DigitalTV/Satellite/E4 and More4 go free to air on satellite/Tuesday/May6th2008/11:07/BST

4 on demand This service became availbale on November 2006. It is an internet service which allows users to view programmes on the net from channel 4, e4 or more four.

It can be said as to coninside with the channels pluz service, so if the watcher misses the programme on four, e4 and its pluz channels, they can watch it via the net. Pluz service 20 August 2007 this
When a show is aired and
the channel by identification
carries a small + sighn

Channel 4 + the saME programmes but an
hour latter.

E4 + pretty much the same.

This works well for all viewers, they miss a
show at 9.00 pm on channel 4 they can watch it latter
on pluz

again the same with E4

Sites for Tv programmes

Since the rise in pularity of sites
numerous programmes have gone about being
prommoted via the use of th E4 web pages on the

Reno 911
The inbetweeners
One Tree Hill
Cleveland show

'The site went live on schedule, at the end of 2007,
instantly becoming a community space for E4 programme fans.
In addition to unique E4 content, the site enables user-generated
content, commenting and voting focusing on users who want to
participate in the site rather than just consume it.'

Case Study-e4/thoughtworks/channel4/Liveontimeonbudget

E4 music Though E4 was branched off from channel 4
for entertainment purposes, its shows are often aimed at teenage viwers 16 to 19 or more adult orientated audiences, prevably 20s to 30s The channle 4 net work and channel have moved and expanded like the BBC. Why look at BBC 3 in comparison to E4, both offer programmes aimed at younger audiences. E4 has teen based situation and innuendo i.e skins and Misfits, while 3 has Coming of age and family guy that contain the same cheeky, rude and sexulaised tones as much as E4s

Not forgetting the adding of 4 on demand which works like BBC i player.

It might aswell be said that 4 station wishes to share in the competition of the BBC audience

Again to compare attraction and
competition, E4 has recently or in
the last few moths been airing a
brand new show from the makers of Family
Guy called the Cleveland show, containing familar characters from family.

As well as being aimed at a teenage audience, the creators likes to seperate itself to adults of mid 2os to mid 30s. This comes primarily through the onscreen content, especially when handling sexual situtation between teens and adults, gay and lesbian. Violence plays another part in adult audience, where it be either gand related or racial related. On example of this is long running hit dramdey Shameless, based a lower class Manchester council estate.

Depicting the lives of drunken parents, tearaway children and sexually aggrerated homosexual teenagers, not forgetting drug related incidents and unmercyfull punch ups.

Another past show of adult orientation that became aired to the channel after its sucess on channel 4, was the dark Californian Drama Six Feet Under. Going through deatiled depiction of a Passadena family who work in the business of the grief management funeral buisness. The show has often attracted controvsary, for it's depcition of death and male and female sexualities again including homosexual

Other adult orientated shows included are

Desperate HouseWifes
The Sopranos

More softer subject mattered programmes that are aime at
teenage audiences are usually shown before the watershed or
on the watershed time limit (9.00 pm) It's early scheduling
Usually in the morning to later afternoon, consist of easy to watch dramas on American based social realisum and softer teen based humour and content i.e.

The O.C.
One Tree Hill

On the watershed time, programmes begin to turn up a notch with with their humour, with similar programmes ans subjects, but with more innuendo and richer dialogue.

90210 for example

This is how the watershed time shift works, the more hours past the it, the more explicit it gets.

Hollyoaks later
The Inbetweeners
Cleveland show

With the ending of Big brother in August 2005,
E4 introduced the music slot which ran through most of the morning
and afternoon, later dropped to just airing mornings with the sheer amount of
scriped comedy coming in.

It was used as a time filler, seen as e4 was off air for most of day time,
only to air on reality TV shows i.e. big brother. The introduction of
its music scheduling, led the channel to broadcast 24/7 all day and
year round untill the ratings gradually fell.

'E4 proudly announcing tonight that E4 Music is dead, and pointing people to 4 Music for 24/7
music - even though during the morning they show tele-shopping.'

Home/Forums.MediaandDigitalTVForums/Broadcasting/E4Musichassnuffedit/01-06-2009/ Brekkie
Forum Member

4 music was set up to replace it, the channel launched on 15 August 2008.

So far the channels highest
rated show is Glee which has continued to draw
audiences by the millions since its airing date in

w/e 2 May 2010


1 GLEE (MON 2100) 1,978
2 SHAMELESS (TUE 2304) 912
5 HOLLYOAKS (THU 1859) 443
6 HOLLYOAKS (MON 1900) 430
7 FRIENDS (FRI 2032) 419
8 HOLLYOAKS (WED 1900) 410
9 90210 (TUE 2101) 404
10 FILM: EAST IS EAST (2000) (SAT 2100) 403


4 music ident e4 music Thankyou for watching
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