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Global Issues

No description

Kattie Brideau

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Global Issues

Short Story
Why Are Humans To Blame?
Burning of fossil Fuels
Long Term Causes
A Little Girl.

There was once a girl who held a flower.
She held the flower tight against her chest
Smiling for the flash of a camera her father held.
The little girls face was alight with happiness,
Forever captured in the sound of that tiny click.
Years later, who was she to know-
That everything, and nothing-
Would be the same.

Time went on and people stopped
Caring about each other and the world.
More and more they burned themselves-
Killing everything beautiful with their greed.

They cut down the ancient, giant forests.
They ate the skins of their brothers and sister-
All for a few more pieces of gold-
A few more notches up on the ladder
Of everything material and wanted.

The little girl stopped caring about flowers-
About the animals the sun the moon and the stars.
She grew up, and moved away from the earth and the air.
She moved to forests of concrete,
And lived beneath skies of glass and metal.
Instead of sitting in grass,
She sat in polyester and plastic.

The little girl forgot the fields,
For the fields were slowly being destroyed
For too much radiation is bad for Mother Earth.

The little girl forgot the big blue sky,
For the smog from the factories she had built-
Became her new open air.

Eventually, we will all forget the color of grass-
Of leaves on the trees in the spring.
For eventually, there will be no plants and animals and we.
For we are destroying ourselves,
Piece by piece-
For the sake of our greed.

Tracy Gallant
Goodbye Antarctica
We are to blame for the inevitable extinction of the polar bear.
Rise in temperatures
Sea ice melting
Human activities will ultimately destroy Antarctica.
Melting of ice in the arctic is a disaster waiting to happen.
The Greenhouse Effect
The Greenhouse Effect all starts with the sunlight; this energy is absorbed by land and water.
Greenhouse gases are needed to warm our planet, otherwise it would be too cold for plants and animals.
What needs to change
We could expand the use of renewable energy by installing windmills and solar panels, making us less dependent on fossil fuels.
The Future
Electricity supplies would suffer if just four feet of the sea was to rise. Imagine what would happen after 120 feet.
Human Contributions
Our modern life requires power generated by burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil.
From lights and air conditioning to the power for our computers and TVs, power generation consumes much of the world's energy resources.

Melting Ice
Every year around 159 billion tonnes of ice melts away into our arctic sea.
Rapid increase of sea levels if we don't act now.
Major Cities in Danger
Boston, Miami, and New York are major cities out of the 414 cities guaranteed to eventually be underwater.
Cities on the coast are more likely to be effected.
Environmental Change
Thermal Expansion
Collapsing Glaciers
The Polar Ice Caps are Melting
Francis Duggan
The Polar ice caps melting as the sea levels rise
A World of flooded coastal Lands not hard to visualize
In the Arctic in a decade from now there may not be a Polar Bear
So many species of birds and animals on the endangered list
and so many species rare
To combat Global warming I cannot say I've done my best
As an environmentally aware person I have not passed the test
Above the coastal city black smog lines in the sky
Of droughts and floods, storms, fires and famines no need to wonder why
The warnings of environmental disasters by Climate Change experts 'twould seem have been in vain
Why we only fear an economic downturn is beyond me to explain
The economy is built on Nature and when Nature is feeling ill
The economy will die a natural death our fate is Nature's will
The World climate changing from north to southern shore
And we talk of the economy and Nature we ignore.

The Open Boat
Author: Stephen Crane
The Toynbee Convector
Author: Ray Bradbury
Short Story
Title: The Fall of a City
By: Alden Nowlan










Eating habits
We are to blame for the inevitable extinction of the polar bear.

It is nobodies fault but ours for the melting of Arctic Ice, it is a disaster waiting to happen.
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