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Ancient Civilizations of Meso- Amarica

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Kennedy Recktenwald

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Ancient Civilizations of Meso- Amarica

The Maya, Olmec, and Aztec are all very good at farming and grew corn.

But each civilization had a youneek way of finding food. The Olmec fish, the Aztec made floating gardens, and the Maya grew corn, beans and squash.
Both the Maya and the Olmec played ball games and had special courts in witch they are played. Each of the civilizations have a form of government as well. Yet, in one way or another each civilization differs in the way they maintain and do things in their community. The Aztecs told legends, the Maya had schools, and the Olmec found much significances in jaguars.
Science and Math
All of the civilizations are familiar with pottery and or ceramics. They also carved things into stone. Each civilization had their own way of doing art. The Aztec used gold for art, the Olmec loved to use jade and the Maya painted.
Both the Aztec and the Olmec traded for jade. The Aztec and the Maya both had markets to trade in. As each civilization has different needs, they trade for different things. The Olmec traded for precious stones, the Maya traded for food, and the Aztec traded for feathers.
The building blocks of civilization
*Science and math
*Social organization
Ancient Civilizations of Meso- America
All of the ancient civilizations where vary skilled at astronomy and had there own system of numbers. Fun Fact: the Maya invented the number zero! The Aztec built sewers, the Olmec had much astrological knowledge, and the Maya had a solar calendar.
Social Organization
All of the civilizations had a religion and the priest at the top of the social chain. Their religions were different though. The Aztec did human sacrafices, the Maya sacraficed animals, and the Olmec dident make sacraficas at all.
All of the civilizations used calendars and symbols to write with. The Maya sighned theyr paintings, the Aztec wrote in books, and the Olmec used glyphs.
Who Came First?
Each civilization inspired the other.
First came the olmec. Then the Maya. Finaly came the Aztec.
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