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2.01 Industrialization Changes America

No description

Alina Alba

on 21 June 2014

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Transcript of 2.01 Industrialization Changes America

2.01 Industrialization Changes America
Labor unions were active in the cities and in this region, a lot of Political campaigns commenced especially in rural areas where farmers were also politically active
There were several riots and discriminatory laws were being made
Labor Unions were formed and views clashed
There were laws made that allowed segregation and discrimination
Social reform movements started to be created in Ohio and Illinois making this area popular socially and politically
The arrival of new immigrants caused fights and problems because they came to look for jobs which people thought they were stealing
There was a noticeable difference between being rich or poor. It wasn't like our society is today in how we have a middle-class.
African Americans were not slaves anymore but still faced the insults and discrimination from everyone else
The economy was booming for the Midwest. Immigrants were coming and boosting the workplace, the midwest was the main location for transportation needs, and with an active political system, the Midwest was one of the best locations economically
The West's economy was weak and they were low on developing materials to transport
Industrialization economy and most people had factory jobs
Since the war was over, their economy was destroyed so they had to build a new one. The South decided to focus on having a agricultural economy and they started creating a timber industry
Economic or Type of Economy
With the cities growing, millions of immigrants were attracted to the Midwest
The population size increased since there were several immigrants from China looking for job on the expanding railroads
Since the economy was increasing and there were many factory jobs, there was a high level of population in this area
The population decreased because many African Americans decided that they had a better chance somewhere such as the North because of the factory job positions needed and the higher wages
Population Change
Just like the West, the railroad system connected to far distances and markets. In the Midwest, Chicago became the gateway between the East and West
The railroad system in the West was very efficient and covered great distances which allowed them to transport goods to far places
Railways were the main ways to transport goods and items. In the North, these sources were received from the West and Midwest
Although the railroad was beginning to expand, African Americans still felt insecure about riding them because of the racial tension at this time
By: Alina Alba
Written Response
Explain how the Second Industrial Revolution affected the North, South, West, and Midwest. Which region would you have preferred to live in during this period? Why
The Second Industrialization Revolution caused many changes for the regions in the US. For the North and the Midwest, there were several immigrants coming to find jobs which increased the populations for both regions. The economy was great and being the two locations where transportation was at its greatest, I would have preferred to live there. The only bad part of these regions was the big gap there was from being rich and poor. For the South, living conditions were terrible. Although slavery ended, African Americans were still treated cruelly which made them decide to leave to the North. This caused a drop in the economy because all the White ex slave owners lost all their workers and had nobody to work their fields. The West was not in a good position either. With all these immigrants arriving from China, people lost their jobs to them which caused a decrease in the economy and many fights as well. I believe that living in the North or Midwest was the best choice for anyone deciding to start a better and new life.
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