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Persian Empire

No description

Lauren Walton

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Persian Empire

Persian Empire Persian Empire located in present day Iran
largest empire by geographical extent in ancient times
consisted of 20 provinces managed by governors Achievements Cyrus (559-530 B.C.) first ruler of the Persian Empire
conquered the rest of West Asia (Babylonians, Assyrians, Jews, Phoenicians, Syrians, Lydians, and Greeks)
unified a diverse group of people with different languages and religion
let the people he conquered keep their customs and beliefs
built the foundation of a mail system (600-330 B.C.) Agriculture economy was based on dry farming because of the land received very little rainfall
farmers grew wheat, olives, barely and produced wine
raised cattle, goats, and sheep
hunting and fishing was important Religion monotheistic
worshiped the god Zarathustra
Many of the ideas were collected in a series of poems called Gathas, which became part of the scared book Avesta Cambyses (529-522) son of Cyrus
further expanded the empire into Egypt by defeating the Egyptian pharaoh Psamtik III during the battle of Pelusium in 525 B.C.
suffered a severe mental illness later in life and was killed by his own people Darius (521-486) Decline a distant cousin of Cambyses
seized the throne after assassinating Smerdis, a second son of Cyrus,who took the throne the year his brother died
In 499 B.C. Darius helped Aristagoras, tyrant of Miletus, on an expedition to conquer the island of Naxos
Aristagoras then rebelled against Darius which led to the Ionian Revolt which lasted until 493 B.C.
With the support of Athens and Eretria, Aristagoras captured and burned the Persian regional capital of Sardis.
Darius vowed revenge against them and this soon led to the first Persian War After the death of Darius, his son Xerxes took the throne and died in 464 B.C.
Five or six kings took the throne after Xerxes' death, but the were weak leaders and barely held the empire together
The Persians failed to defeat the Greeks, but before they could completely fail Alexander the Great conquered the Persians and became king in 331. blended cultures together
created one of the first mail system and had messengers travel on horse back
Built many roads including the Royal Road, the world's first long highway
they linked roads together which allowed messengers to travel across the empire in only a few days
built underground irrigation tunnels and sloped them which allowed gravity to move the water
these tunnels were usually several kilometers long
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