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demi lovato

by:Alexia Dolph grade 7 woonsocket middle school (WMS)

alexia dolph

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of demi lovato

Demi Lovato by: Alexia Dolph Demi lovato's birthday is
on August 20,1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico she is now 20 years old today she was active for 10 years Demi Lovato's ful name is Demetria Devonne Lovato 1. Demi Lovato's best friend is Selena Gomez . 2. Demi was in both Camp Rock movies.
3. Demi was on Barney And Friends with Selena Gomez.
4. She was in the movie Princess Protection Program.
5. Demi was in rehab for cutting herself and because she had a eating disorder (bulimia)
Demi was descovered when she auditioned for barney Demi Lovato fun facts demi's albums Demi's background Demi has 2 sisters, she won several talent contests, started showbiz career at age 10. 1. demi sings pop rock songs
2.Dont Forget
3.Here We Go Again
4.This Is Me
6.Don't Speak
7.Give Your Heart A Break
8.Survivor Why I like Demi Lovato The reason why i like Demi lovato is because i think that she is very inspiring because when she was younger she used to cut herself and she also had a eating disorter called bulimia so she had to go to rehab But she got over the eating disorter and she stoped cuting herself so they let her out so when she got out she got two tattoos on her wrists that say STAY STRONG. Which to me means that she is fully over her problems and she can over come it if she wants it that much. So right now she is my favorite jude on the X Factor, (one of m favorite shows).I think that while she was in rehab she changed because now she is a different person. That is why she inspires me because I feal like I can be who I wanna be and nothing can stop me from being that person but me. There is always a way to get through your problems no matter how big or small the situation therte will always be a way out of it!
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