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Emperor Caligula~ An Autobiography

How I Dictated and Oppressed

Emma Sanders

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Emperor Caligula~ An Autobiography

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Even though it is said Caligula suffered from a mental illness, he did a good job as dictator! Caligula- A Biography
How YOU Can Effectively Dictate and Oppress How To Seize Power & Background Information On Caligula Caligula was born the third son of Germanicus (nephew of Tiberius), and Agrippa (Augustus' granddaughter).
His father was Tiberius' nephew, adopted son and heir to the throne.
However, Caligula's father and brothers were killed on flimsy treason charges.
This made Caligula heir to the throne.
In other cases, it is not so simple to gain power.
On Animal Farm, Napoleon had to supress education, show intellectual and muscular power, appear charismatic, and drive away his innovative competitor, Snowball.
Of course however, Caligula did embody some of these traits in the beginning of his reign. Caligula- A People Pleaser First impressions are important in Rome and on Animal Farm.
All citizens from elite patricians to poor plebeians thought that Caligula would be a breath of fresh air in Rome especially after the rule of the deeply unpopular Tiberius.
Once you can rally the people in your support, you can then do as you please. This is exactly how Caligula gained power.
Caligula and I would probably both recommend not being to bold and tyrannical at first. If you don't appeal to the citizens in the beginning you cannot gain power.
Once you solidify your rule, you can abuse your new powers as you wish.
Caligula was an expert at first impressions. He threw lavish parties for the people and made himself well liked. The Magic Emperor- Mind Control So Do Non- Educated People Actually Help A Dictator Out? Yes! Of Course! Didn't I just say that? Oh yeah...Caligula wasn't really a good example...Lets take a look at Animal Farm and Napoleon, who could really teach Caligula a lesson in this aspect!
On Animal Farm, Napoleon obviously does not educate the other animals except in the ways of the state. Therefore, he can exploit them for his own purposes with ease.
But what would have happened if the animals were educated?
They would have the capacity to think critically about their government and its actions, therefore if an action goes foward that the animals do not agree with, they would have a strong basis on which to oppose tyrrany.
But since Napoleon strongly censors information transfer, they remain uneducated and have no grounds on which to oppose it.
Generally, when people do not choose to oppose tyrannical leadership, they generally accept it, accepting you. Greater Than the Gods Themselves Propoganda Propoganda is the infinitely better alternative to a formal education in almost all successful tyrranies.

For example, on Animal Farm, Squealer's propoganda is the backbone of the tyrranical state of the farm.
If a people do not recieve a formal education, it simply means that they cannot think up solutions to problems on their own. This doesn't mean they necassarily support your actions.
Through the use of propoganda, you get the populus to truly believe that your actions are righteous even when they are not.
To a people, this form of blind obedience to a tyrrant is dangerous. For you, it is yet another link in the chain of your total control.
Do not relay propoganda yourself!
As emporer, Caligula rarely showed his face to the public. Make it seem like you are above all the rest!
Napoleon did the same exact thing! He almost never spoke to or saw the animals, but used the pigs to execute orders, and Squealer as a propoganda source.
However, Napoleon's actions and decisions affected the animals each and every day! Both Napoleon and Caligula's rise to power was greatly simplified.

For Napoleon, the pigs "with their superior knowledge it was natural that they should assume the leadership." (Orwell 27.)
For Caligula, he naturally inherited the throne through family connections.
Both of them had political rivals however, as all powerful figures do.
For Caligula, his rival was his own father, who was the original heir to the throne.
Napoleon's rival was Snowball, who represented innovation and fundamentally disagreed with Napoleon on everything. Caligula the Swine Schools Out Forever! To keep your power, a dictator must do everything he can to suppress education.
If the people of a state controlled by a dictator are educated, then they will have the ability to protest against your actions, tyranny will never survive.
What a dictator must do is keep the populous uneducated so that they will blindly follow the leadership of those with more intellectual prowess.
If you, as a dictator, fail to keep the population of your state uneducated, then you will never hold onto your power.
This is arguably the most vital part of maintaining your power. An Example For All Future World Dominateers! No Education is essential for a dictator to remain in power! Couldn't the animals recognize these changes to the commandments if they were educated? How did the pigs get away with this? Examples Of What The Pigs, and You Can Accomplish Through Education Suppression The pigs could only use the labor of the other animals due to two main reasons:

The nievety of the other animals.
The blind obedience of the animals toward the pigs.

The pigs accomplished many things due to these qualities that the other animals ultimately possessed:

The building of the schoolhouse to educate the young piglets in the ways of the state.
The changing of commandments to fit the needs of Napoleon and the pigs. This includes, "Thou shalt not kill another animal without cause," to justify the executions of the traitors.
The changing of the commandment to "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess." Why is it important to portray yourself as a Godly figure if you are a dictator?
Caligula was born to Augustus' grandaughter and Tiberius' nephew. Because his father was killed, he became emporer.
Caligula, as a descendent of Julius Caesar himself, was a "Divine Caesar."
It is so important to portray yourself as divine when emporer. It makes you appear descended from God and meant to be a ruler.
Julius Caesar was a divine figure in the eyes of Romans. Therefore, if Caligula had a link to Caesar, he too would appear divine in the eyes of the people and they would blindly follow his leadership.
On Animal Farm, the song entitled "Comrade Napoleon," by Minimus also portrays Napoleon as a Godly figure. Temple That Caligula Built In Honor of Himself. Boxer. Caligula's Actions &
How He Lost Power Caligula Himself In 40 A.D. Calilgula led an army North into Gaul, robbed its inhabitants and collected the spoils of war.
He confiscated the land of leading Roman families and used it for his own personal gain.
"Succeeded" in emptying the Roman treasury with his extravagancies.
Become a mass murderer of preists, common citizens (commoners), and his own Praetorian Guard members.
Successfully transformed himself into a Godly figure.

How Caligula Lost Power
Just a few months after his return from Gaul, threats to take his life became ordinary. His behavior made him deeply despised by elite Romans.
He was murdered by the members of his protection squad, the Praetorian Guard. They also killed his wife and daughters.
Caligula was dead, but certainly not mourned. Mind control is the cultivation of many aspects of tyrrany. This includes:
Propoganda/Abuse of Language.
Lack of a formal education.
Blind obedience.
Caligula ruled more through brute military force than mind control.
Napoleon on the other hand, was a master at controlling the minds of the other animals.
The pigs changed the commandments to fit their needs.
Telling the animals that Boxer died in the hospital when he really was sent to the knackers.
Remarks that show strict obedience, loyalty and a sense of comradeship that doesn't exist such as, "Due to the leadership of Comrade Napoleon, how excellent this water tastes!"
How the pigs could get the animals to fight for the farm's defense when all they did was survey the fighting from behind. One BIG Ego In order to be a succeful opresser you must truly believe you are the best and greatest human being ever to walk the Earth.

As we see from our model Caligula, he thought as himself as a god! Don't be afraid to go so far as to proclaim yourself a diety. Our next chapter will deal with exactly that.
Caligula had the advantage of being a "Divine Ceasar." His mother was Augustus' granddaughter, and his father was Tiberius' nephew. See if your heritage allows you the ability to create an even bigger ego.
Build a temple in your own honor, just as Caligula did. Nothing says, "I have a big ego" like a lavish shrine dedicated to yourself. It will allow your people to see you in a shining new light. They will think of you as a divine, extrodinary ruler.
Caligula named his favorite horse high priest.
Make sure your people see you as magnificent. Even though Caligula was a great leader, one of his flaws was letting the people see him as dispicable. Make sure you keep control of their opinions, or it could lead to your assasination, just like it did for Caligula. Moral of The Story: Don't Educate the People! A Roman Legion (such as the one led into Gaul) "Enlighten the people generally, and tyrrany and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day." (Thomas Jefferson) Although a model for all future dictators, Caligula was probably too agressive, selfish, torturous and bold to remain in power very long. His humiliation of the Senate, lavish spending and cruelty to his people did not result in his favor. My suggestion to you, be sly! Don't be an OBVIOUS abuser of power! Map of the Mediterranian Area A Pigs Ego An example of propaganda used by another one of the world's greatest dictators, Joseph Stalin. See how he makes it look like he loves the children? Also, they look well fed, another plus. Muscle Power To be a successful tyrant you must have a balance of mind and muscle power.
Caligula was the master of using muscle power.
After he emerged from his illness he became a megalomaniac, and used muscle power to the extreme becoming a mass murderer.
This could be part of the reason he was assasinated. Don't go overboard with your use of physical and militaristic powers.
Caligula killed many Romans just for fun. No cause was needed to kill someone.
He liked to kill his victims slowly so that "they could feel themselves dying."
Caligula wasn't afraid of murdering members of his family either. When When he killed on of his wives he took her head on a plater to his girlfriend's house so she would know he killed her.
Caligula had three sisters, and commited incest with each of them. He later exiled the two living ones.
Eventhough Caligula was a great example of a tyrant. His extreme uses of muscle power are not advisable. He went a little to far. Make sure your people are scared of you, but don't hate you enough to assasinate you. Fun Fact: Caligula was crazy! Some say he even tried to make his horse consul! Not Too Little and Not Too Much
The Optimul Amount of Muscle Power If you take a look at leaders Napoleon is one who used Muscle power perfectly.
Napoleon used his muscle power as a threat through his trained guard dogs.
"But suddenly the dogs sitting round Napoleon let out deep menacing growls, and the pigs fell silent and sat down again." (Orwell, 62.)
One way you can use your muscle power is to make your people scared as in this situation, but be chary about going farther than that.
The second way Napoleon used muscle power was through the executions of the traitors. Napoleon put death all of the animals who helped Snowball and his endeavors against Animal Farm.
"And so the tale of confessions and executions went on, until there was a pile of corpses lying before Napoleon's feet and the air was heavy with the smell of blood." (Orwell, 95.)
If you do decide to execute some of your people make sure there is a "reason" to do so, this will subside questioning citizens Napoleon and his ferocious guard dogs. Napoleon had a huge ego.
He definately saw himself as better than all the other animals.
First Napoleon makes up all sorts of names for himself.
If you can get your people to call you by extremly benevolent names, then they will start to believe you are that great.
Another thing Napoleon did to help his ego was increase his own rations.
"Every pig was now recieving a ration of a pint of beer daily, with a half gallon for Napoleon himself, which was always served to him in the Crown Derby soup tureen." (Orwell 126.)
You know you are a great, why not reward yourself for all yoyur hard work!
Having a big ego is necessary for the perfect dictator, just make sure your people are too naive or scared so they don't find out about your spluges, and uprise.
Once your citizens are naive and scared enough you can go right out and make it law that you are more equal than them just like Napoleon. "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others." (Orwell, 148.) Propaganda on the Farm Propaganda is a necessary components to a succesful dictatorship.
Here are some ways Napoleon used it on the farm.
He created names for the animals to call him by
They include "Friend of fatherless! Fountain of happiness!"(Orwell, 103.) And those are just a few examples.
The backbone of propaganda on the farm was Squealer.
If you aren't a master at persuasive speaking, then have one of your subjects do it for you!
Squealer used many tactics to convince the animals, but the biggest two were sophistry, and the way he rewrote history.
When they took Boxer to his death at the "'Alfred Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer and Glue Boiler, Willingdon.'" (Orwell, 136.) Instead of telling what really happened Squealer stated "I was at his bedside at the very last." (Orwell, 136.) By saying this Squealer changed history to make the animals even more naive.
Napoleon uses one form of sophistry either/or to threaten the animal's of what things were like before. "Surely none ofyou wishes to see Jones back? (Orwell, 77).
By keeping the citizens naive you can convince them that your tyrannical rule is better than life before it. Works Cited "Caligula (AD 12 - 41)." BBC. BBC. Web. 9 Dec 2012. <http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/caligula.shtml>.

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Orwell, George. Animal Farm. New York:Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1946. Print. By Sam Zuckerman, and Emma Sanders
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