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Classroom Organization and Management Program (COMP)

No description

Samantha Boyd

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Classroom Organization and Management Program (COMP)

Roles of the Teacher and Students
COMP is great for teachers that have been teaching for one year or thirty years (Wong & Wong, 2013).
It is a program that allows teachers to become more comfortable in their classroom. It lets the teaches discuss their concerns (Evertson, 2012).
COMP encourages and strengthens appropriate classroom management (Wong & Wong, 2013).
Students are cooperative and excited to learn (Marzano, R., 1992).
Carolyn Evertson
She is considered to be THE authority of classroom management (Wong & Wong, 2013).
She created
Classroom Organization and Management Program (COMP)
, a national program for teachers strengthening classroom management (Evertson, 2012).
Carolyn is a professor at the Peabody College at Vanderbilt University
(Wong & Wong, 2013).
Overview of Theorist Model
It is effective for
Pre-K through 12th grade (Evertson, 2012).
It is basically called the "common sense" approach towards an effective classroom management. (Classroom management introduction, 2013).
COMP focuses on implementing effective strategies for:
room arrangements
rules and procedures
student accountability
maintaining good student behavior
lesson planning
maintaining momentum.
(Marzano, R., 1992).
Contradicting Research
Surprisingly, there was not any contradicting research found.

According to my opinion, I believe that there is not existing contradicting research about COMP.

COMP has collected countless amounts of research based data. I could not located negative information about COMP.
If you have any specific questions, I have provided the contact information for the COMP office.
COMP Office: (615) 322-8050 (Evertson, 2012).
Key Concepts/Terms
Teachers that complete COMP report significant positive changes in
students’ behavior, student achievement, and their personal satisfaction in teaching (Evertson, 2012).
COMP is a program for teachers to help improve these six core areas. It empowers the teacher and students (Wong & Wong, 2013).
COMP is based off research and research-based strategies (Classroom management introduction, 2013).
Supporting Research
There have been 12 studies conducted in regular and special education classroom settings (Evertson, 2012).
From grades K-12, there has been research conducted. Over a time of 15 years, the research has involved over 4,000 hours of observation in 581 classrooms in 100 schools (Evertson, 2012).
Since 1989, the program has effectively benefited over 60,000 teachers and administrators in 33 states (Evertson, 2012).

Classroom Organization and
Management Program (COMP)
Theorists: Carolyn Evertson & Alene Harris

Cooperative Learning
Classroom Management
Students' Behavior
Students' Participation
Teachers that have used COMP have higher test scores.
(Evertson, 2012).
Application in the Classroom
COMP lets everyone be aware of the expectations.
(Marzano, R., 1992).
Instead of focusing on constantly disciplining, you can actually teach.
Follow up after 3 day work shop.
(Evertson, 2012).
COMP is a 3 day workshop
You have to pay for materials.
Maximum of 30 participants.
(Evertson, 2012).
I agree with COMP completely.
It gives teachers a peace of mind.
It also boosts a teacher's confidence.
Comforts teachers that are overwhelmed.
Individual/Personal Reaction
Classroom management introduction (2013.). Projectidealonline.org. Retrieved February 26, 2014 from http://www.projectidealonline.org/v/classroom-management-introduction
Evertson, C. (2012). Classroom organization and management program. Comp.org. Retrieved February 20, 2014 from http://www.comp.org/AboutCOMP.html
Evertson, C. M. and Harris A. H., Classroom Organization and Management Program. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. 1994.
Wong, H., & Wong, R. (2013). Effective teaching. Teachers.net. Retrieved February 21, 2014 from http://www.teachers.net/wong/NOV13/wongprint.html
Marzano, R., A Different Kind of Classroom: Teaching with Dimensions of Learning. ASCD, Alexandria, VA. 1992.

(615) 343-1493
Wyatt Center 247
VU Mailbox: 230
Research Assistant Professor of Education at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.
Project Coordinator and National Trainer
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1988
Evertson's Education
Ph.D. , Educational Psychology
University of Texas , Austin
Baccalaureate degree , Elementary Education
University of Texas , Austin
Vanderbilt University
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
(Evertson, C. M. and Harris A. H., 1994).
Alene Harris
(Evertson, C. M. and Harris A. H., 1994).
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