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Amadeus - UFIS AIRTILUS - Airport Management in the cloud (July 2014)

Product, Platform and Features. (2012-12-14)

Sven Hafner

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Amadeus - UFIS AIRTILUS - Airport Management in the cloud (July 2014)

3. Technical Features
2. Product Profile
flight schedule management

actual and adhoc flight management

multiple location operations

standard resource management

service contract management

import of standard SSIM or proprietary flightplan files

flexible Interfacing through underlying ESB and Script engine

standard IATA, AFTN and CFMU message processing out-of-the-box

MQ messaging server out-of-the-box

mobile client on Android
1. Mission Statement
designed for collaborative flight information management at airports

small to medium and large airports and groundhandlers

fully web based application

scalable virtual appliance

multi-airport operation through segment oriented design and user management for multiple locations
Elastic Airport
Flight Management
6.Live Demo
4.Feature Timeline

embracing OpenSource technology

underlying products are available as community and enterprise editions, affordable licenses

Airtilus is build on top of mature products with a track of efficiency and reliability

flexible scaling - horizontal and vertical scaling

web-based solution

any current web browser can run the application client. No need of additional installation.

Airtilus runs as a virtual appliance - OS, database, application server, MQ and ESB already included.


Available for VMWare in the private cloud (on-premise)

in the cloud

available on Amazon EC2 to run in the public cloud. Secure and reliable datacentres in US, Brazil, Ireland (Europe), Singapore and Tokyo (Asia Pacific)
5.Product Philosophy
companies with no option to afford an expensive AODB solution

on-premise license or subscription based by usage

no upfront investment

deployed into the cloud, no datacentre or on-premise hardware for the server is required.

on-premise availability with minimum administration

fast deployment, ready for production within days.

all up-to-date documentation is available online.

Airtilus customers work online to raise issues, request features and look into the release management.

small and agile team, focus on core competency

distributed working environment

managed Assets - the complete codebase is maintained in a Source Code Management system providing reliable access to all previous and current releases

agile Release Management - 2 to 3 major releases a year with new features - service releases every 4 to 6 weeks - fast turnaround on new requirements and issue handling.

automated Build and Test - applications are constantly build and tested automatically against a testsuite.

constant R&D, evaluation of technology and trends
multiple locations
user management
functional flow
Iteration 1
proof of concept

layout of architecture

product base
Iteration 2 - 3
first production-ready version with basic functionality
Iteration 4 - 5
location management

security management

authorization authentication - audit

flight schedule management

actual flight management


flight import (SSIM)

flight links - turnarounds

simple FIDS Screens

ground handling services - contracts
Iteration 6


interface hub (ESB)

message processing (IATA, AFTN)

flight schedule calendar

mobile client Android
Iteration 7
Iteration 8
Roadmap 2013 - 2014

pax and cargo load management

A-CDM portal features

turn milestone view

push and hold procedure

CDM milestone handling

Airtilus event engine

conflict management

aircraft tracking (ground-air)

SCORE file processing
Iteration 9
Roadmap 2014 +

advanced schedule management

operational rule engine

scenario management

resource planning

advanced android client

ipad client

migration to Wildfly app server
First operational deployment
to Gatwick Airport using AWS
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