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Sam Lee

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of WW2

Samanda Lee
World War II
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Winston Churchill
F.D.R. was the 32nd president of the United States during the Great Depressions and the beginning of World War 2. He was born into a wealthy family and attended finest schools. He went to Harvard College and Columbia Law School. He became NYS Senate in 1911 and later New York's governor in 1929. When Roosevelt Became president he easily because Herbert Hoover. Hoover was president in the beginning of the Great Depression and did absolutely nothing to help the country out of it. In 1921, he because paralyzed due to an illness called polio. But it did not stop him helping out his country. The public did not see him as a handicapped man. They saw him as a strong and optimistic man. He attended many events despite his paralyzed legs. During WW2, he wanted to help the Allied powers but Congress wanted to focus on domestic problems rather than foreign. Eventually, the U.S had no choice when it got bombed by Japan in 1941. Roosevelt was the only president that served three terms as president. In fact, he was going to serve four terms but he was cut short because he passed away on April 12, 1945. Unfortunately he never saw the end of the war but it ended the same year in September.
Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini
Hitler and Mussolini were on the Axis powers in WW2. Italian Mussolini wanted the historical Roman Empire to resurface while Hitler just wanted to rule the world. Both of people were dictators. He did not start the war but was a cause of it. There was a lot of nation tensions unsolved conflicts and bitterness from other countries. But these two not what you called civilized. They were
people. Their philospghy was that
Concentration Camps
Concentration camps were first started by Adolf Hitler in 1933. He once said "When I came to power, I did not want the concentration camps to become old age pensioners homes, but instruments of terror." These camps had Jews , Gypsies, homosexuals and other people. These people were despised by Hitler and German Nazi soldier.They were mainly judged by their looks and religions. People there had to sleep in small .
The Holocaust
It killed more then 9 million people. When World War 1 end with the Treaty of Versailles, the German Nazis did not hesitate to blame the countries' failure on the Jews. Though they really had nothing to do with the defeat, Germany wanted to blame it on
Allied Powers
V - J Day
Pearl Harbor
Interment Camps
It started in the U.S. when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor . The conditions of this camp was not as harsh as concentration camps were. They were still fed 3 good solid meals a day and children were mandated to go to school. Clothes and food were provided by the federal government but that does not mean these kinds of
United Nations
Lend and Lease Act
Class 812
Churchill was on November 30th, 1874 into a wealthy family. He grew up to love history and be part of it too! became Great Britain's prime minister in 1940, a year after WW2 started. Churchill was known as a war leader. He was a strong leader aided countries like Greece even though they were doomed for failure. He was a stubborn yet determined to win the war. When France surrendered, Great Britain kept fighting. Where he went to visit towns or villages, he always had a V like hand gesture which stood for victory. He tried his best to bring positive sprits to people that were on the Allied side. He, Roosevelt, Stalin were the Big Three countries that became allies during the war. Churchill was very tenacious on getting aid from the United States but was rejected multiple times mainly because it wanted to focus on domestic issues. But
In the beginning, it was just France, Great Britain, China, and other countries that sided with the Allies because they too did not want Hitler to control their country. France was easily defeated by Germany in 1940. As years went by more and more countries joined. But the most important one was the United States. It boosted the allied power's chance of winning the wars. With three of the most powerful countries in the world, the Allied powers were bound to win. 27 countries were on the Allies whereas the Axis had 9.
that did not stop him from him sending personal letters to President Roosevelt, begging for him to break America's neutrality. Eventually he did but not because of Churchill's letters.
On March 11th, 1941 Roosevelt finally decided to help out the Allies. It was not because he did not want to but his country wanted to remain neutral. On that day, President Roosevelt signed the Lend - Lease Act of 1941.This act allowed the United States to lend, sell, or lease, supplies and military hardware to the Allies. But it did not allow troops cause that was basically entering the war which is what Congress did not want. Some of the congressmen wanted to enter war to help the allies but the majority wanted to remain isolated from it. This helped the Allied side greatly but it did not stop Germans from sinking the American ships. But in the end all of the countries that the United States helped added up to an amount of $50 billion
uncomfortable bunk beds. The soldiers began kill Jews by poisonous gas or testing medical experiments. The conditions of these kinds of camps were harsh. Fortunately, these camps were not for a long period of time. It ended in 1945 when the war ended. Very few people survived the whole experience. Anyone that survived was considered extremely lucky.
On September 2nd, 1945 World War 2 finally ended. A month and 22 days later the United Nations was born. The idea came from president Roosevelt. Sadly, he was not there when it officially started.
someone else rather then accepting the truth It started with Hitler's hatred for Jews that began right after the Great War. The Holocaust seemed like a way German Nazis used to take their anger out on a certain race group because they believed that was the group that was weak and thought they were completely useless. During this period, it killed more people than any genocide in human history. The Holocaust ended when World War 2 ended.
On this day, there was ecstasy exploding in Time Square. New York. It was announced by Harry Truman that Japan finally surrendered. This day was known as the Americans won
from Japan. It was August 15th, 1945 when Japan finally surrendered. Japan was the last one to surrender in Axis. Even Germany and Italy surrendered on May 8th, 1945. About a week and a day ago, Adolf Hitler committed suicide due to his losing country.
camps were better then the concentration camps in Germany. Temperatures in the summer were well over 100 degrees while in the winter temperature went to as low as -30 degrees. Federal officials were afraid the Japanese-Americans would have connections in Japan and plan another attack despite the Japanese people were American born.
Pearl Harbor was a U.S. land in Hawaii where
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