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Persuasive Advertisement Techniques

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paulcr paulcr

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Advertisement Techniques

Persuasive Advertisement Techniques
This McDonalds advertisement gives a happy, up beat and positive feeling showing that 'Pathos' was used in advertising it. It also uses 'Plain Old Folks' because there are regular people that are enjoying themselves, prompting to the fact that anyone can be happy at McDonalds. 'Transfer' was being used to show that the great food (product sold) was making everyone happy. The impact it might have on the consumer is that they might go to McDonalds to experience the friendly services as shown. The food also has an appealing look making consumers want to try it.
Criswyn P.
This Tide Pods advertisement uses Pathos by using up beat music, and a cheerful setting. It uses Transfer considering the facts that there are happy people in bright, colorful settings. It is to show that the product makes everything cool, and joyful. In some parts, the ad uses Snob Appeal because there are majestic and glamorous components such as the unicorns showing the outcomes from using the product but exaggerated. The impact this ad will have on the consumer is that this product can be for anybody and for anything. Since this ad gives very little info the consumer might not know enough to trust it, so they don't buy it, or they want to know how it is, so they try it.
Tide Pods
Drinking and Driving
This Head and Shoulders advertisement uses both Pathos, and Ethos because of the party mood, and Sophia Vergera crediting the product. It uses Bandwagon because the actress says "My whole world uses it, you mean you don't". It also uses Transfer because the image of partying tries to convey that whoever uses the product will be so happy and the product is as good as a party. This will impact the consumer because the bandwagon technique would make people feel left out so it would make them consider the product. This ad will also make some feel like that things might be better if the use this product because of the mood being conveyed in the ad.

This Wendy's coupon uses Logos because of the information and details on the coupon. It uses bribery because of the promotion of saving $1 when buying the product; offers something to consumer to get something back. The advertisers zoomed into the Baconator to exaggerate the product so it looks more appealing (tasty). They also used stronger words to capture the audience like 'Behold" instead of 'here is'. This would impact the consumer because they might be appealed to the zoomed look of the burger and might want to buy it. Some might try just because of the discount given. Some might be a fan of Wendy's or bacon so this promotion might appeal them to get the product.
This ad uses Pathos, and Logos because they use negative emotions, and uses a fact; "Drinking and driving kills friendships." This ad uses fear to communicate their message. They're using crashing glasses while implying that when driving drunk one can crash and can have a car accidents. This ad was simple but very affective for the audience. This would impact the audience because they would want to keep their friendships so they won't drink and drive, just as the ad says. The fear component of getting injured or dying would probably scare the audience so they won't drink and drive.
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