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Backstage Pass

Poverty Studies Presentation

Cortney McEniry

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass inner-city programming (with a dramatic twist) Epic theatre Ensemble What is it? Educational programs interwoven with a professional, off-Broadway season.
In-school programming: rehearsals held in schools, classes work with a cast member to rewrite and perform their own version of a play, artists work in history classes to bring major figures to life.
After-School programming: Shakespeare Remix, where students intensively study a Shakespeare piece and then interpret it thematically, rehearsing and performing it with Epic Theatre artists.
Where's the money coming from? 70% of revenue covered by government, corporations, and foundations
Coming Up Taller Award recipient
Annual fundraising gala
Who's involved? Highly trained, well-known actors (David Strathairn, Olivia Wilde, Kyra Sedgwick)
Stable staff and directors
52nd Street Project Ka-ching?!? Approximately 60 various corporations and foundations
Coming Up Taller Award
Plus, they kinda know some What's the "project"? Mentoring programs are divided into two types: theatre (especially playwriting and acting) and education (intensive and group tutoring).
Theatre: Six theatre programs, designed for different age ranges and experience levels, almost all of which involve one-on-one mentorships with accomplished artists.
Education: “The Clubhouse” provides a safe environment for meals, tutoring, and publishing a literary magazine.
people... Urban Improv How does it work? Improvisational workshops with themes on violence, friendship, drug abuse, family, teen pregnancy, homophobia, bullying, etc.
Topics are tailored to individual class specifics.
Step-by-step curriculum allows for a consistent workshop process which challenges students to change a situation which has been improvised around a theme.
Money in the bank “Banned in Boston” Benefit - $450,000
Over 60 foundations, businesses, and organizations as sponsors
Local and state politicians
Trained actors and educators, some from inner-city
Community leaders and celebrities

Who's There? Who takes the cake?
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