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Inca Crime and Punishment

This prezi is about how the Inca punished people who were caught doin things that broke inca law.

Mathew Yang

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Inca Crime and Punishment

Inca Crime and Punishment If you were caught
stealing or insulting someone
you would be punished greatly.
If you insulted someone you would
be thrown off a cliff or if you were
caught stealing they would cut your
feet or hands off. Any criminal
who tried to run
was captured and killed. However there were . . . . . lesser punishments.
If you were caught breakin into a house you
would be incased in stone for 1 week. Or if they
wanted too they could tie you up to a wall and
leave you there to freeze. If you lived through your punishment you
would be forced to be brought into the city
and be given a bowl and beg for money and
food. In order for you to get money and food yes you
would have to beg but first you must convince
them. You must tell them what crime you
committed and then beg for what you want.
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