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No description

Dana Fernandez

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Invisible

By: Cecily Anne Paterson

About the Author
Was born in Australia and moved to Pakistan at the age of 16
Jazmine - The main character and written from her point of view. She is shy and does not have any friends, she is deaf and wants to be invisible.
On the first day that Jazmine is helping out, Ms. Fraser gives her a journal to keep track of her feelings and write what ever she wanted in it. Ms. Fraser can relate to Jazmine so she is sympathetic to her situation. Everyday Jazmine writes to her dad in the journal which makes her feel closer to him.
The day of the play Jazmine leaves her bag in the auditorium and when she goes to get it Shilani is standing there waiting to get revenge on her. Shilani lashes out on her and starts talking about how Jazmine's dad died. She says that he committed suicide, which is true, but she claims it was because he could not stand living with Jazmine because she is a loser. Shilani threatens her that she either has to break the headdress or she will tell everyone what happened with her dad. Jazmine does neither but Shilani breaks the headdress anyway and wants to say it was Jazmine. However, Liam witnessed this whole thing and goes to tell a teacher right away. In the end the play goes well and Shilani gets expelled.
Shalini - She is the antagonist and is the one that gets herself and Jazmine in trouble
By: Dana Fernandez
Block: C

Jazmines Mom - In the beginning she is not a very supportive person and keeps secrets from Jazmine, but she turns out to be a great parent.
Miss Fraser - The drama teacher/ directer of the play. She is the person that gets Jazmine to start having feelings again.
Liam - He is friendly to Jazmine and is one of her first friends
Gabby - Turns out to be Jazmine's best friend
Jazmine's Dad- He died when Jazmine was young and was an important part in her early life
Went to a British day school for "primary" or elementary school
Went to a boarding school for high school
About the Author
Writes for teenage girls because she had a hard time when she was a teenager, so she wants to gives girls her "gift of friendship"
Wanted to be a writer since she was 7
I think this book is very well written. I felt like I knew Jazmine and could tell how she felt at all times. Also, It had so many unexpected moments that I would have never thought would happen. I would definitely recommend this book.
- Takes place in Australia, in a high school, sometimes her house, and takes place in the past ten years
- It isn't a bad thing to tell people how you feel.
-It's a good thing to step out of your comfort zone.
- Telling the truth will help you, even if your scared.
Cecily Anne Paterson
Cecily Anne Paterson
Jazmine and her mom move to a new town and she does not want to be known, she wants to be quiet and invisible. She is afraid that people will make fun of her because of her hearing aid, and she is heartbroken because her dad died recently.
She gets involved with a group of 3 girls. Shilani, the leader, did not get a part in the play that she wants so she wants to get revenge on the drama teacher, Ms. Fraser. So, she gets the girls to destroy the drama room, however Jazmine does not want to so she saves the headdress.
The girls get caught and get suspended. Ms. Fraser saw that Jazmine was not doing anything and gave her a choice to either help in the drama production or be suspended. This is the first choice she has had to make in a long time and finally chooses to help out in the drama show. Ms. Fraser encouraged Jazmine and made sure that she felt comfortable and believed in her.
Soon Jazmine makes friends with a group of nice kids and finally feels emotions. She realizes what it is like to really be part of something not just be invisible. Gabby is one of her close friends, she is energetic and loud. Her other close friend that is in theater with her is a boy named Liam. Jazmine was afraid they wouldn't want to be her friend if they knew what she did, so she didn't tell them.
The girl that plays the lead part in the play quits. Ms. Fraser gives Jazmine a chance to play the part, she tells her she thinks she should so Jazmine plays the part and loves it.
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