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Cinderella and Ariel

No description

Lizzie Roth

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Cinderella and Ariel

Ariel has more sisters than Cinderella.
A more than comparison with a noun
A more than comparison with an adverb
A less than comparison with an adjective
Ariel is shorter than Cinderella.

Ariel es
menos alta que
A more than comparison with an adjective
Ariel's sisters are more beautiful than Cinderella's sisters.

Las hermanas de Ariel son
más bonitas que
las hermanas de Cinderella.
by Lizzie Roth
Cinderella and Ariel
Ariel tiene
más hermanas que
Cinderella works harder than Ariel.
Cinderella trabaja
más duro que
A less than comparison with a noun
A more than/less than number comparison
Cinderella has more than one stepsister.
Cinderella tiene
más de
una hermanastra.
A negative sentence with a number comparison
Ariel has no more than one fin.
Ariel no tiene
más que
una aleta.
A younger than or older than comparison
Cinderella is older than Ariel.

Cinderella es
más mayor que
A better or worse comparison
Ariel swims better than Cinderella.

Ariel nada
mejor que
An equal comparison with an adjective
An equal comparison with a noun
Ariel has as many friends as Cinderella.

Ariel tiene
tantos amigos como
An equal comparison with a verb
Cinderella sings as beautifully as Ariel.

canta tan hermosamente como
Cinderella has fewer treasures than Ariel.
Cinderella tiene
menos tesoros que
Cinderella is as beautiful as Ariel.

Cinderella es
tan bonita como
A relative superlative
Ariel has the most red hair of all the princesses.
Ariel tiene
el pelo más rojo de
todas las princesas.
An absolute superlative
Cinderella is the nicest.
Cinderella es
sumamente simpatica.
A less than comparison with an adverb.
Ariel dances less beautifully than Cinderella.
Ariel balia
menos hermosamente que
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