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Emile and da Brownz

No description

Ahmed Bashir

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of Emile and da Brownz

Emile and the BrownBoii/z gang were rolling down the street, shanking all in their path. Then they came up against a Black boii, with his black menz. "The BlackBoii/z have moved in Dawg!, said the leader of BlackBoii/z. "Naa bled, we gots Little boii.", said Emile, as Coconutman Edmondo jumped in, throwing lots of shanks, and killing everyone with a machete. Then a blackman pulled out an AK-74u, and killed Edmondo. But one of the Browns, a Runescape nerd by the name of Normandeep ressurected Edmondo, and healed him to fight big boss Mikael. But Edmondo was no match, and got his own machete shoved down his throat. Then Sullymanz started a-raging with a big stick, and put it up Big Blacks bum. Then a little blackboii came, handing The Black Boss a m40, which he used to shoot Sully's hair off. One,, By one... But then, the BIG black boss, IMO of the Ohizua clan, descendant of the zulu's, brang his leaf shield and wooden spear and put the lions head like a hoodie. "BLED! WHAT YOU DOIN', MON! DER NO CRAK HEYA!", screamed IMO. But Emile, Brownmanz legend, was eating a steaming hot curry, and threw it on IMO, burning his eyes. Then the Blackmanz ran, but stopping them, was.. VARATCHI!!!! AYAYAYAYA! He pulled them all down.. From behind. Then a truck came, driven by K-RON. He pressed a button, the back of the truck opening, and Arun Shergill jumped out, and shanked all the black manz, and none survived. The street was.. Black with bodies. All the cuzzy broes celebrated, the truck WAS PACKED with STEAMING HOT CURRRRRRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN THEY ALL DIED CAUSE THE CURRY WAS EXPLOSIVE! Ahmed Survived.
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