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Schoology | Creating the events for a timeline

A simple HOW TO for creating events for a timeline on myHistro's app on Schoology.


on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Schoology | Creating the events for a timeline

To add an event to your timeline click on "Create new event" Before we move on
let's have a look
at what else is going on
in that view Does the event extend in time?
Or does it end as it begins? If this is the case you don't need an end date. Next comes the
time reference. Satisfied with that? Good If you want to add more pictures later but can't find
the "add photos" button anymore, simply scroll down. Satisfied with your work? Click "done" and the event will be added to your timeline. Ready to move on? Let's move on
to pictures then. Let's start with a name Faded events are existing events
already contained in this story And then a short description Only a snippet of the text will be displayed on the map view. While the full text
will be visible when
the event is open. The next view is
where it all happens. In the left column you find
a searchable list of existing events In the right column you find a list of all the events already in the timeline HOW-TOs Creating an event on Schoology Good work! Event is added to the timeline. Type the name of the place where the event took place then browse the map like you do on Google Maps.

Zoom in and out as needed.

You can even change the type of map. And now the geolocalization
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