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Nordstrom People Lab Proposal

No description

Ben Grossman-Kahn

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of Nordstrom People Lab Proposal

Nordstrom Technology "People Lab"
Burning Platform
Technology People Lab
The Burning Platform

* Technology has become a key strategic asset for Nordstrom.

* To meet our company’s goals our Technology organization is undergoing a large transformation employing Agile and Continuous Delivery practices among other key processes.

* As shown in the above diagram and evidenced by feedback from Agile and CD pilots, a key to success is enabling trusted, empowered, and collaborative people who live the NorDNA culture.

Burning Platform (cont)
* One of the key Agile Manifesto mindsets is "People over Process" which speaks to the need to invest in implementing and maintaining NorDNA with the same rigor we invest in new systems and technologies.

Our Recommendation
Implement a "People Lab"
Ben Grossman-Kahn + Lead Learning Designer/Facilitator/Project Manager + Visual Designer/Data Scientist/Developer

+ funding to contract and discover skills needed. Will also support and enable network of coaches/catalysts from within Nordstrom Technology.
We need a dedicated team to do this..
Core Values of People Lab
Design to Delight
Human Centered
Data informed
People Dashboard
Collected 'human centered data' about health and status of teams and culture is aggregated through a dashboard that reflects current trends and attitudes towards a variety of topics including leadership, trust among teams, and employee engagement.

NorDNA Toolkit
Videos, handbooks and team exercises teams can download to personalize their own journey towards fostering NorDNA core values. EX: ‘Guide to Cube Hacking’, an irreverent handbook on how to create work environments that inspire creativity and inspiration, was downloaded over 1000 times.

Sidebar: Sample People Lab Projects
Skills Marketplace
* Craigslist-like marketplace that allows teams to quickly source talent and skills that already exist, and gives employees the opportunity to build up portfolios that showcase their talent and passions.

Innovation Bootcamp
* Two-day company wide crash course that develops innovation mindsets and toolkits while fostering collaboration across the company and developing shared vocabularies around innovation.
Sidebar: Sample People Lab Projects
Skills Needed to Be Successful
Design Thinking/Innovation
Front end web development/Design
Education/Learning Design
Data Science/Analysis
Video Editing
Visual/Graphic Design
Data Collection and analysis

* Currently, many of our key leaders and contributors are working collectively on various projects and initiatives related to people and culture, but have been pulled for over 6 months and need to get back to their core teams and projects.

To get our entire org here...
1 year into the future...
Focus for 2013-4
Increasing Empowerment

Managing WIP to allow unstructured time

Continuing to build innovation culture

21st Century Leader Program
1st 6 Months: Projects
Cultural Trailblazer Program

Social Network Analysis

Innovation Bootcamp 3 +
innovation workshops

Culture Pulse Survey

21st Century Leadership Bootcamp

Project SEAL/Project HOURGLASS?
Sample Projects

Project Avengers: Analyze and understand barriers to empowerment at org wide level (starting with SNA). Develop list of top 5 actions/mindsets that lead to empowered teams and share via coaching, workshops, and distributed tools/method cards.
Where will the People Lab be Located?

Still to be determined. Initially, it will keep a home base in the Innovation Lab and have a mobile office that will rotate among all other floors, in order to better understand overall experience of our people.

What is the scope of the People Lab?

We will be focused on Technology, although design workshops and Innovation bootcamps may include teams from across the business in order to create shared vocabularies, approaches and understanding.

How are you Prioritizing?

Our product road map is informed by the survey data we have received as well as a strategic approach- focusing on empowerment, leadership, WIP and Innovation will give us tools to become a continually learning and improving organization.
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