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by: Jackson Hodson and Elizabeth Kennison

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Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of by: Jackson Hodson and Elizabeth Kennison

by: Jackson Hodson and Elizabeth Kennison
Barriers broken by athletes
Simon Kieth-heart transplant.
Tom Dempsey-no toes on right foot and no fingers on right hand.
Bethany Hamilton-Attacked by a shark while surfing and lost her left arm.
Michael Oher-Father was murdered while Oher was in high school and his mom was on crack which made him homeless.
Wilma Rudolph- She was born prematurely which affected most of her childhood life.
Jesse Owens-He was a sickly child often to frail to work.
Bethany Hamilton
Bethany Hamilton is a graceful and brave women."At the age of 13 ... Bethany was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark while surfing."
"The attack let her with a severed left arm." "From a young age, Bethany's parents instilled their faith in Jesus Christ." "Married at the age of 23 to Christian youth minister." "In October 2004, Bethany shared her life story in her autobiography entitled "Soul Surfer."
Athletes In Motion
Tom Dempsy
Tom Dempsy lived a hard life."Tom did not have toes on his right foot... he also did not have fingers on his right hand"."He is suffering from dementia....which is a brain disorder"."He was kicked off his high school football team when he punched one of his coaches"."After being kicked off the team he was brought to the NFL he was being beat up at practice every day"."Despite his daunting diagnosis,dempsy remains largely jovial and optimistic".
Opinion with evidence from articles.
Sports are a good form of entertainment when you are board.
A good health exercise.
Compare Athletes
Both broke a barrier.
Both are important athletes.
Both suffered from something. (BH:lost arm)(TD:dementia.)
Both won medals or trophies in games or championships.
A follower of god
Attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark
Had a missing arm, from the attack
Wrote an autobiography with a title "Soul Surfer".
Athlete 1
Athlete 2
Born without toes on right foot.
Born without fingers on his right hand.
Set a league record for the longest field goal in a regular season game 63 yards.
Suffers from dementia.
Athlete 1
Lost an arm from surffing.
Attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark.
A follower of god.
Married at the age of 23 to a Christian minister.
Athlete 2
Has dementia.
Set a field goal record of 63 yards.
Born without toes on right foot.
Born without fingers on right hand.
A great way to spend time with family is a saturday morning game.
He thinks its a good idea to watch sports with your family.
Sports can be social events.
Watching sports is and spending time with your family is a good idea to get to know each other.
So the next time you put on your red sox cap on and enjoy the game.
The author seems to like the Red Sox base ball team.
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