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Consumption - Soc111



on 13 October 2011

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Transcript of Consumption - Soc111

Consumption Globalization &
Environment Problem? We live on a finite planet In the past 30 years, 1/3 of the world's natural resources have been consumed. How many people own an mp3 player and/or a cell phone? What did you do with the old device when you purchased a new one? What do you do with all this "stuff"? Hambuger
Connection How many times do you eat (or have) a burger in a week? Excessive
Consumption A linear
System Globalization Economic
Interdependence Definition The transformation of time & space in our lives. 3. How our world has changed
4. Globalization Now 1. Globalization
2. Early Globalization Outsourcing Exploitation How the first world benefits? Environment Amazon Social Inequality Global Inequality Environmental Society 1. Planned Obsolescence
2. Perceived Obsolescence Digital Dump If we continue on this linear system, where are we headed in the future? Does this belong to you? Conclusion
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