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Customer Experience Masterclass - Copenhagen

No description

Chantel Botha

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Customer Experience Masterclass - Copenhagen

Customer Experience

By Chantel Botha

Your Expectations
What is CX?
The CX Ecosystem
Business Case
Understand your current brand experience
Design the ideal brand experience
Journey Mapping
Multi-channel aspects
People & Leadership
What is Customer
"You cannot NOT
have an experience"
The Anatomy of a GOOD Experience
Watch this and lets discuss why it's a good experience...
The devil is in the detail...
The importance of emotions....
Marketing is dead .....
Kevin Roberts
Saachi and Saachi
Customer Value Proposition
Customer Centricity
(Ranjay Gulati)

Discussion: What problems are you solving for your customer?
Customer Centered Design + Innovation
Doug Dietz
Standford D.School
Customer Experience Design
Seth Godin
Emirate Airlines
Inside OUT - The Why...
Simon Sinek
12 Minutes - check time
Voice of the Customer
Mystery Shopping
Who are your customers?
Formal VOC research
Informal VOC - Social Media
What the most famous CEO's say about CX
The human needs by Tony Robbins
Discuss the human needs...
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