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Welcome to Year 7

No description

Kate Hoegh-Rasmussen

on 5 August 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Year 7

Welcome to Year 7
The plan for today...
Start- introduction:

-Who are you? New students, existing students (Name Tags)
-Who am I?

9:30-9:40 Break

9:45 -11:15 Timetables, getting to know you (name tags on boxes)
-Rules, rutines, values, tour.

11:15- 12:00 Lunch

12:00 Continue....
12:45 Home :)

Tuesday : Normal timetable- Church service at 11:30

Important information
-Timetable, homework, Wednesday (sport, late start)
-ICT form, signed
-Permission to leave, signed (Tine)
-Uni Login
-Tour of school, toilets, photocopier, canteen
Lunch Time Rules
-Where are you at lunch time?
-What are you eating for lunch? Healthy Living.
-Canteen rules, time etc.
-12 year olds can leave the school.
-How to manage the rules?
-My expectations... (Basic rules- gum, hats, food, phones, language, one person speaks at a time)
-Cleaning roster- sweep, chairs up, windows, wipe over desks, bin (after lunch)
-Checking elev intra.
-Working + charged computer.
-Classroom language (English, speaking politely)
-Character Lab / Values
-Playground rules

Golden Time
- We will continue the system you know from last year. Who can explain it to the new students?
- When will it be? Friday 2nd lesson?
Healthy Living Lunches
-More colour is better.
-Fresh food/not packaged chips or muslie bars.
-You are welcome to treats at home not at school.
-No chocolate, jam sandwitches.
-Choose healthy bread.
-No food during lessons.
-Toilet visits are for break times.
-Don't buy unhealthy food at lunch and bring it into the school.
-Eat a healthy breakfast- what does that mean?
-Birthdays- what will we do?

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