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Use of Differentiation tools/ strategies as well as pre-assessments to determine readiness.

Janet Clarke

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Differentiation

Content The knowledge and skills to be developed

o abstractness
o complexity
o variety
o translation to new situations
o richness & depth of study
o methods of inquiry Environment Product

o Varied instructional strategies
o Tiered Tasks
o Activity choice
o Open-ended tasks & questions
o Self-paced learning tasks- anchoring,
learning contracts & centres
o Higher-Order Thinking Skills &
o Bloom/Krathwohl/William
o Multiple Intelligences choice Product Tools:
o Tiered Assessments
o Task variety/choice re learner
o Community-based products
o Group investigation/ independent
o Negotiated criteria
o Graduated rubrics - accelerated
o Learning logs Productive learning habits
Cooperative learning strategies
Flexible grouping processes
Varied/alternative tasks are part of the usual classroom practice
Intellectual peer groups
Acceleration to other class groups
Learning contracts & centres
Integrated use of ICTs
Varied computer programs, audiovisuals
time allotments
Mentorships/apprenticeships Differentiation

Use pre-assessments to determine:
Learning style
Interest Process Student Profile Pre-assessments Open-ended tasks/Questions Task: One quarter of a bunch of balloons was red. Draw what the bunch of balloons might have looked like. Contract Activities Tiered Tasks Cubing Goal Setting Graphic Organisers/Higher Order Thinking Skills Ongoing Feedback & Goal Setting based on formative assessment. Know your students and
Curriculum Intent (C2C) First Steps in Math Diagnostic Tasks C2C Assessments Differentiated Teaching & Learning Cycle Vary the Pathways Tiered Assessments Flexible Grouping Feedback/Formative Assessment Instructional Tools

Elizabeth Bullock 2010 (Format by Pip Traucnieks 2011)
based on research in:
Visible Learning- Hattie 2009 Highly Effective Student Achievement Strategies
Better Learning Through Structured Teaching Fisher & Fey 2008 Model adapted from: Created by Bronwyn Olsson 2007 Metropolitan Region, based on work by June Maker, Jenni Auteri, Carol Ann Tomlison – Incorporates
Tomlinson’s Equaliser & Kanesky’s Identication Tool,
Modified by Elizabeth Bullock 2011 Metropolitan Region Differentiation Placemat & Maker Model of Differentiation: Differentiated Teaching and Learning Cylcle Independent Study/ Project Use of ICT to increase task complexity Learning Logs Ipads Edstudio Open Ended Tasks Graduated Rubrics (C2C)
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