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B01 Unit 2 H.E.R.

No description

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of B01 Unit 2 H.E.R.

Hi! I'm Jackie Chan and I'm from Hong Kong, China. Hi! I'm Lady Gaga and I'm from New York City, USA Hi! I'm Kaka and I'm from Brasilia, Brazil. Hi! I'm Prince William and I'm from London, England. Where is Ryan from? Ryan is from Canberra, Australia. What's Ryan's nationality? Ryan is Australian. What language does Ryan speak? Ryan speaks English. What do you know about Australia? Australia Germany What do you know about Germany? What do you know about China? Mexico What do you know about Mexico? Mike is small. Sullivan is big. It is quiet. It is noisy. The clothes are expensive. The clothes are inexpensive. This class is boring. This class is interesting. This class is crowded. This class is empty. This neighborhood is safe. This neighborhood is dangerous. The cell phone is old. The cell phone is modern. She is beautiful. He is ugly. This is the Caribbean. Puerto Rico Haiti Cuba La Havana What words describe this city? Hi Diego!
Greetings from Cuba!

It’s day 3 of my vacation in this country. Today, I’m in La Habana. It’s a big city – about 2,000,000 people!

Right now I’m in a busy café in a neighborhood called Miramar.

See you soon,
- Hugo Diego Rodriguez
400 West Georgia St.
Charlotte, NC
USA 28274 What words describe this city? Noun + Be + Adjective The city is big. The beach is beautiful. My neighborhood is safe. My best friend is fun. The city is big. The beach is beautiful. My neighborhood is safe. Is the city big? Is the beach beautiful? Is your neighborhood safe?
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