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15 Tragic Signs You’re Dealing With A Fuckboy

No description

Chris Young Jr.

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of 15 Tragic Signs You’re Dealing With A Fuckboy

Chris Young Jr.
1. He’s constantly begging for nudes.
Fuckboys are hungry and desperate for female attention. They feed their fuckboy ways with nude pics from the dozens of girls they talk to on Tinder, OkC, Reddit, and other random sites. He hides his phone when he gets a Snapchat because he knows it’s gonna be some girl’s nudies. For every one nude pic you send, he’s getting like 10 others from other chicks.
2. He says he doesn’t believe in labels.
Major warning sign you are dealing with a fuckboy is when a guy wants to keep things in the gray period and says he doesn’t believe in labels. What’s wrong with labels? I love labels! They help keep shit organized and let you know where you stand. A fuckboy doesn’t want you to know where you stand, though. He wants to just keep doing the damn thing without actually committing because then that way, when everything falls apart, he doesn’t have to be responsible for your feelings. He can be all, “well, we were never officially together…”
4. He never wants to be seen in public with you.
He always has some excuse for why you two can’t be seen together. He’s busy, doesn’t feel like going out, whatever. If a man isn’t proud to be seen with then obviously you’re just a sidepiece for this fuckboy.
5. He uses terms like “bros before hos,” “hos be like…”
3. He’s disrespectful to his mother.
A man who doesn’t respect his mother is just a fuckboy you don’t have time for. If he treats his mom like shit, just think about how he’s going to treat you when the honeymoon phase wears off. Yes, it’s important to see how he treats both of his both parents, but how he respects his mother is a clear reflection as to how he views women in his life.
15 Tragic Signs You're Dealing With A Fuckboy
6. He has no ambition.
A fuckboy has no job or he’s been stuck in the same job for years despite complaining every day on how much he hates his life.
7. You have no idea how many other women are in his life.
Fuckboy’s phone is constantly blowing up with notifications, Snapchats, texts from other girls. You ask him how many girls he’s seeing and he keeps it vague as fuck. Who knows how many girls he’s talking to.
8. He blows off your plans to hang but slides into your DMs.
Fuckboys would rather have nudes than the real thing.
9. He talks shit about all of his exes or says they were “crazy”.
He never has a single nice thing to say about his exes. They all wronged him in some way.
10. He says exactly what he thinks you want to hear.
You confront him on his shit and he says things like “you’re totally right.” He says he’ll change. He’ll tell you reasons why you’re better than him. But fuckboy keeps doing what fuckboys always do.
11. His friends are basically all just like him.
A group of fuckboys? Hell no. Run.
12. He tries to make you feel like you owe him pics.
If a guy tries to guilt trip you for not sending a pic – he’s a fuckboy.
13. He keeps hitting on you even after you’ve rejected him or he’s with another girl.
f u c k b o y
14. He’s the kind of guy that says you look tired when you’re not wearing makeup. He makes judgmental comments about your appearance, your outfit, your makeup, etc.
He definitely has an idea about how women “should” look and if you’re not on your A game every time you see him he WILL point it out. This is the ultimate fuckboy.
15. “Wanna come over and watch Netflix?”
A classic fuckboy line.
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