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The five second rule

This prezi is about the five second rule. What is the five second rule? How was the five second rule created?

Carlson Chan

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of The five second rule

By Carlson Chan 9S2 The five second rule Introduction: What is the five second rule? In conclusion: Should we eat food on the floor? What is on our floors? Now, does the five second rule exist? Does bacteria not go on food until five seconds have passed. Unfortunately, bacteria go on food IMMEDIATELY after food as contacted the ground. But even though food will get contaminated immediatly after contact with the ground, will the food become toxic? Will you die if you eat food from the ground? So now for the main part: Does food contaminate only after five seconds? it has a psychological influence to our interpretation of food
It gives us a limit to how much we waste food Despite that food doesn't go as contaminated as you think, it is best to just trash the food on the floor and continue eating your food on your clean table, because....who would ever want to eat food on the floor? how does the five second rule help us? A theory predicting that when food is picked up from the floor before five seconds, the food will be not contaminated Fecal coliforms
Heterotrophic bacteria
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