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BBQ's Best Pair

Hardee's Memphis BBQ Burger Commercial

Nick Nolen

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of BBQ's Best Pair

BBQ's Best Pair Hardee's Memphis BBQ Burger Its A Sad Realization. Sex Sells
Made $308.6 million for the 2012 closing half
(an increase of $8.9 M) Do you think this is a harmless ad? If you said yes, you're wrong. "Beautiful women and pulled pork topped
hamburgers, what else could a guy want" This is clearly a male targeted commercial Proof! Nick Nolen Guys vs. Girls
Look - Over Sexualization
- Fantasy
- Degrading
- Unnecessary
- Too Much First Reactions Effective; but at what cost??? Hardee's uses women in order to sell their product "Where's there a Hardee's
cause I gotta get one of those" "Wow, can you replay that?" "That's amazing... I want one" "Why would anyone watch that?" "Why would you show me that?" "That's so fake, that would
never happen, that's ridiculous" "They're not even THAT good looking..." (Jealous) Not a new tactic The Underlying Effects Health/Sociological Disorders
Sexual Dissatisfaction
Growing Sexual Harassment Rate Hardee's Did Their Homework Studies Claim
Brunette & Blonde > Black & Red
Light Eyes > Dark Eyes
Athletic > Scrawny or Curvy
Chest, Butt, Stomach > Other Body Parts
Commercial Shows The Commercial Burger The Actual Burger "Who cares what it looks like when you have two girls like that to sell it" Unnecessary But True. Sex does sell.
There's a fine line that should be found and not crossed with the over sexualization of women and advertisements.
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