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Defining Innovations of the Paleolithic Age

Though the conditions which Paleolithic era beings lived was primitive, the innovations they brought cannot be denied.

Fox Johnson

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Defining Innovations of the Paleolithic Age

The Defining Innovations of the Paleolithic Age The Paleolithic Age was the start to many ideas which would later expand. An example of this is tools. The early tools were primitive, in most cases they weren't tools to begin with. They were things that were a part of the world surrounding them, such as twigs, rocks and more. They used them in such a manner that they would be useful, and using materials this concept would later develop into the tools we recognize today. With the many things the Paleolithic Age helped to pioneer, art is most definitely one of them. Much like our view of art, the Paleolithic drawings were seen as a form of expression. Even tools had become crafted with a greater intention of presenting beauty along with utility. They used several sorts of material to present an item which (at that time) could be seen as fashionable, an example of this being necklaces and/or pendants of horse teeth. A highly recognizable sculpture from this particular era is the "Venus of Willendorf", a plump and large breasted woman perhaps meant The Paleolithic era presented a primitive form of society. This included small settlements and groups. This was important because it represented a functioning society, with increased productivity. The new form of society was partly due to the domestication of animals. Among the many things the Paleolithic era pioneered, among the most cited examples is their art. Actually, the art of the Paleolithic is not that different to what our modern perception of it is. The art was to express themselves, occupy their time and represent the culture of that particular era. They created sculptures, paintings and in some instances instruments that are in direct correlation to the art of today. Their paintings were most often in caves and were used for a variety of reasons such as directions, communication and possibly religious/ceremonial beliefs. The majority of these paintings consisted of animals, and often ones that were game for the hunters. Much like Andy Warhol's iconic Marilyn Monroe portrait or Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory", these early arts were a product of their era and continue to be widely influential, though some people may not be aware of it. Society Tools The domestication of animals opened up the possibility of a sustainable society, providing a steady flow of resources such as leather, milk, and food. They would use every part of the animal, even their stomachs at times would be used for water. In fact, among the first of animals domesticated was the dog and this allowed the "man's best friend" title to come into fruition, and they accompanied their masters often with devotion and friendship, not only providing a companion but also a reliable asset in times of need. Art We believe these innovations are all key factors when viewing the world today. Without them and the reliability of the curious mind, the world in which we inhabit would be a significantly different place, and the things the Paleolithic era helped to define is only further proof that all things must start somewhere, and past influences and pioneers are deserving of our recognition. In a past life where each day had brought immense challenge, the citizens of the Paleolithic Era had the human mind to create things - things to which this very day we rely on and use at a daily basis, thousands upon thousands of years later. The Domestication of Animals KAELAN AND FOX
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