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Tevin Marshall

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Christian

Christian Apologetics and

Biblical Statistics
Many people question the validity of the bible. Here are some biblical statistics to convince otherwise.

-2000 out of 2500 biblical prophecies have been fulfilled to the letter without error. (Chances of this happening is 10 to the 2000th power, or 10 with 2000 zeros. (Remaining 500 is set to happen in much later dates).
The Fall
-God creates man, but through disobedience man falls into sin.
-Sin can better be described as rebellion or disobedience against God.
-As a result of the fall, man loses communion with God and the relationship they once had was severed or cut off.
The Prophets
-The Prophets are the spokesmen of God that make up the old testament.
-They are leaders of the Israelites.
-They write and Prophecy about the coming of the messiah Jesus Christ.
-They also aid the kings of Israel in warfare strategies as well as overcoming God's enemies
The High Priest
-The High Priest made atonement for the sins of people.
-They were intermediaries between Israelites and God when it came to forgivness of sins.
-They would have to offer upon the altar a pure first born of any animal that God commanded them through the law to atone for their sins.
-Animals differed depending upon whether it was an offering for sin, peace and so on.
Jesus Christ
-The purpose of Jesus Christ was to repair the communion between man and God.
-Be the perfect everlasting sacrifice for the atonement of sins.
-Grant his disciples dominion over demons, every sickness and disease.
-Build God's Kingdom.
-Make a new Covenant with God

Death and Resurrection
-Jesus was killed, crucified and then resurrected by God.
-Jesus died for the sake of conquering death so that those who believe on him will not perish but have everlasting life.
-Before ascending to heaven he stayed and walked the earth for 40 days and 40 nights and were seen by 500 of his followers all at once.
The Holy Spirit
-The Holy Spirit is referred to as the comforter.
-His purpose is to help, lead and guide followers in the Faith how to live more pleasing and holier lives to God.
-He is apart of the Trinity as well. (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)
-He is also what is referred to is the baptism with fire.
-Apostles begin to perform various acts and great works in accordance with the Holy Spirit. (Deliverance, healing, prophecies and miracles).
-The very first denomination of Christianity was the Roman Catholic Church.
-They believed that Holy Spirit only came from God.
-They also believe the church was to be centralized or in one location.
-The second denomination broke off from it into Orthodox Christianity.
What's The Gospel?
Orthodox Christianity
-The Orthodox church began because of two questions.
+Theologically: Does the Holy Spirit proceed from the Father and son?
+Institutionally: Should church authority be centralized or decentralized?

-From Orthodox Christianity then broke off from there Protestant denomination.
Protestant Christianity
-The Protestant movement began in the 16th century. They believed the church should take on such practices as.
+Conduct worship and read the bible in native language.
+Do away with selling of indulgences.
+Allow priest to marry.

-3 Key Themes of the Reformation
+Justification by grace through faith.
+Priesthood of all belivers.
+Only from the scriptures (Sola Scriptura).
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