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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

No description

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

As the story opens, Scott Hudson is playing basketball with his three best friends, Kyle, Patrick, and Mitch. The boys are talking about the coming day - their first day as freshmen at J.P. Zenger High School.

Scott asks about classes and whether the subjects will be difficult, which prompts Mitch's comment that Scott has only to show up in order to pass. Scott returns home and finds his parents deep in conversation on the living room couch. They seem worried and when his mother mentions his first day of high school, Scott believes they must be worried about him. His brother Bobby had problems in high school and Scott reassures them that he won't go in the direction that Bobby went.

Scott heads out after a big breakfast the following morning - a first-day-of-school tradition. When he arrives at the bus stop and sees Julia for the first time and she looks completely different.

Chapters 1-3
In chapter four, Scott arrives home. His mother is looking at wallpaper samples and Scott asks his mother if she's thinking about redecorating. He notes the page that's open is rocking horses. Scott works on homework until suppertime. Scott's dad is already home from his job at Linwood Mercedes, a car dealership.

While they are eating supper, Scott's dad looks at Scott's mom with a question Scott doesn't understand. Scott almost lets the conversation drop but then remembers several suspicious moments he'd had over the previous day that his mother was keeping something from him. He gets up from the table, goes to the counter and looks at a couple of magazines his other had covered with a newspaper when he entered the room. He discovers magazines about babies and immediately fears that his brother, Bobby, has fathered a child. His parents then reveal that his mother is having a baby.

Chapters 4-6
In chapter seven, Scott's interest in Julia continues to grow. Mr. Franka asks Scott to remain after English class the following Monday. Mr. Franka has seen the list of Tom Swifties that got passed around and he suggests Scott might want to write book reviews for the school newspaper. Scott says he's just too busy to take on another task. Scott finishes the week and realizes he's going to have to study very hard. He spends some time with Patrick and Kyle that weekend and Scott finishes reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" for English.

Bobby invites Scott to go out with him for awhile and they go to Hobby Land to race slot cars until Bobby is kicked out for running the cars so fast that he flies off the track. Scott writes in his journal later and says he believes the baby will be a boy but if it's a girl to take pity on guys. Scott vows to never attempt to get Julia to notice him again.

His Dad tries to bond with Scott over cars but he is not interested in them. He had to write about the school football team...What did he write?

Chapters 7-9
*In chapter ten, Scott is awakened Saturday morning by his mother's racket in the nursery. He has a makeshift bookshelf in the room made of cinder blocks and she makes him take them down. Scott then spends some time on homework before heading to see Kyle and Patrick. Mitch, as usual, is with the girlfriend. They shoot hoops for awhile before Scott quits, moving to a bench to read while Kyle and Patrick continue to play. When Scott arrives home he discovers his mom has baked a cake, apparently to celebrate the fact that Bobby has a job at a nearby market, close enough that he can walk to work.

*On Monday at school, Scott discovers his Spanish teacher is from France, which explains why he can seldom understand anything she says. In the journal that night, Scott writes a review of teacher types which are: the newbies, the legend, the ogre, the enthusiast, the lifer, the lame duck, the comic, and the natural.

*Vernon is angry that Scott didn't write about him in the school paper. However, Vernon doesn't know who Scott is so that helped him feel better. He decides to just write about him in the next article.

*Scott writes in his journal that night. He says Mr. Franka has introduced the idea of stream of consciousness in writing but didn't spend a lot of time on it.

*Scott is shocked when he sees Julia walk over the the players bench and talk to Vernon.

Chapters 10-12
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
David Lubar
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
In chapter thirteen, Scott presents his speech. He points out that there are nine kids running for student council and that each member of the student body gets three votes. He presents the idea that most of them don't have more than two friends running for student council so challenges them to give him their third vote just to see if he can bring some fresh ideas to the student government.

Scott goes to English class where he discovers that not all poetry is horrible and he's struck by some that's really good. Mr. Franka teases him with the information that Byron wrote a poem about vampires but doesn't tell him the name of the poem and Scott has no luck finding it on his own. At the end of the class, Mr. Franka says that April is national poetry month which is why they're studying it in October.

Chapters 13-15
Chapters 16-18
In chapter sixteen, Scott sees Lee reading a copy of Byron's poems and asks if she knows his poem about the vampire. She quotes some of it, says she has it at home, and offers to let Scott borrow the book. He declines. Scott searches for the poem online but can't figure out how to spell the title Lee had given him. The following day, Lee and Mouth are both absent from school. Scott says Mouth has always missed a lot of school and he has a mental image of Mouth being hooked up to a dictionary via an IV in an effort to refuel his word pool for his incessant talking. When Scott gets home, Bobby's returned. The following weekend, Lee returns to school and hands Scott a book. He notices she has bandages on both wrists and can't stop staring until she tells him she "did somthing stupid in the kitchen."

He writes about his concern about kids hurting themselves and he tells Smelly that is never an option.

Lee asks about the poem and Scott doesn't want to get into a conversation with her so he says he has to go. He assumes he will talk to her at the newspaper meeting. Football season is finally almost over.
Chapters 19-21
In chapter nineteen, Scott overhears Julia and Kelly talking about an upcoming play. Both agree they're going to try out. Scott decides he'll try out as well. Scott arrives at school Wednesday and sees a sign on Lee's locker that says, "This is not a locker." Scott tries to convince himself to walk past without saying anything but can't help stopping.

Scott tells her the sign is crap which prompts a conversation between them. Lee says she believes Scott is one of the few students in school who cares about knowledge for the sake of knowledge and tells him it's a "meta-statement," or "words about words."

She says "90 percent of everything is crap," then challenges Scott to discover who said that. That afternoon Scott sees the sign is gone and another sign that reads "this is a locker" is in its place.

Scott writes again in his journal after seeing the list of those who were chosen to be in the play. Julia is not on the list.
Chapters 22-24
*In chapter twenty-two, Scott discovers he's going to be called on to do most of the work on the set for the play while the Juniors/Seniors goof off.

*One day Scott is sent to the office to pick up a file for Mr. Franka. He's waiting for the file when Wesley walks in and takes a seat by Scott. Wesley asks why Scott's at the office and he doesn't want to lie but knows he'll be ridiculed if he says Mr. Franka sent him to pick up a file. He says he got to the office by "perambulation," which means walking.

Wesley buys it and thinks Scott's in trouble as well. Later, Wesley takes a seat by Scott in the lunch room. Scott notes all the other kids are looking at him like they're trying to figure out this turn of events, but Scott says he's also trying to figure it out.

Scott Hudson-

Scott is the main character of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. He is a freshman student in high school. He is the narrator of the book, and takes the reader through his entire freshman year, in deep detail. Scott is a very complex character that changes from only caring what other people think to being whoever he wants.

Wesley Cobble
Wesley Cobble is one of the major characters in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. He is a character that changes majorly, in Scott’s favor.
He is a senior at the high school that Scott attends, and at first, comes off as a scary kid. Wesley is always calm and collected, he helps "relieve" freshmen of their spare change, drives a Mustang, rarely abides by the speed limit, and comes out from a fight unscathed.
But as the story goes on, the reader realizes how different he really is.
school bully
drives Scott to school
defends Scott from Vernon
Understanding about Mouth's suicide attempt
Lee is also a major character that has a huge effect on the story in the book, Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. She moves in during the month of October, so of course, she is the talk of school.

She started at the high school that Scott attends, during the time that everyone was typically adjusted. She got a lot of attention being the new girl, and also one other factor. She was scary!

Lee had piercings all over her face, and wore clothing that expressed very morbid topics. She was frequently dying her hair throughout the book, also. Scott was scared of Lee at first, because of her looks, of course. But that all changed eventually.
Loves books
makes a statement using locker
becomes friends with Scott


This is the nickname Scott comes up with for the unborn baby that is the focus of the journal he begins keeping during his freshman year.

The girl who made a major transformation and Scott's first major crush in high school. He even joins the newspapers just to be able to be close to her and talk to her more.
dates Vernon

Three Musketeers
Scott calls his company "The Three Musketeers", despite the fact that there are four of them
Kyle has been Scott's friend since kindergarten and is fearless but obnoxious teenager. He defends Scott from bully. He eventually makes the wrestling team, starts hanging out with the jocks and dumps Scott.

Mitch has been Scott's friend since 6th grade. The ebst looking of the group, he leaves the quartet early in the story when he gets a girlfriend at least a year older than himself and starts spending time with her.

Patrick is the friend that stays with Scott before eventually moving out of the country.

Mouth is an annoying motormouth and Scott's neighbor.

He reviews books for the high school newspaper, though he approaches the matter lightly and skims most of the books he is suppose to review.

At school dances, he roams around the room asking every girl to dance with him to no avail. Nobody likes him, but he seems oblivious to the fact and seems to be incorrigibly optimistic until the day he has had enough and unsuccessfully tries to commit suicide by hanging himself.

nerdy boy from grammar school
Bobby Hudson
Scott's brother
His high school experience was a nightmare for his parents
hides dyslexia by causing trouble in class
Ladies man in high school
runs out on his family
He is a talented guitarist and eventually joins his old band.
Mr. Franka
Scott's English teacher
mentor to Scott
inspires Scott to read different types of literature
introduces class to "Tom Swifties"

pregnant with another son
treat Scott and Bobby fairly and lovingly
worry about Bobby
Dad- fixes cars (corvette)
Mom-bakes for the family
Chapters 10-12 cont...
Scott's mom had a medical scare with the baby. Scott's dad rushes to the hospital and promises to call home as soon as he knows what's going on.

While his parents are at the hospital his brother Bobby announces he can' take the tension and is leaving. He borrows money from Scott and departs without even waiting to see if his mom was okay.

Scott's dad finally called and said that his mom was going to be fine.

Scott writes in his journal that he can't believe that Bobby just left but agrees there is to much tension in the house.

In chapter 12 there is a new girl at school and Scott's first impression is that she is dressed for trick or treat though its only the first part of October.

Bobby calls and says that he is visiting friends in Ohio.

At school, elections for class president are approaching. Julia is running for class president and Scott expects her to win. There will be two other openings and Scott decides to run. Mouth also decides to run fir student council.

Chapters 13-15 cont...

Scott learns he won the election but that Julia didn't win class president.

Scott's friends, including Mouth, are going to the Harvest Dance. Scott, Patrick, and Kyle stand around drinking sodas and eating chips. Mitch spends the night with his girlfriend and Mouth asks a lot of girls to dance but they decline.

Patrick tells Scott that he read half the book that Scott recommended and that it was good. Patrick also states that his father got a job in Texas and they are moving.
Chapters 13-15
Scott notices books other people are carrying whatever Mouth has recently reviewed.

Scott notices that Lee is carrying a book by S. Morgenstern which is a pen name for William Goldman, the author of "The Princess Bride"

Over the next few days, Scott endures an outdoor gym class with snow flurries and he can't believe they are outside in this weather.
Chapters 19-21
In Chapter 20, Scott hears Mr. Franka saying that he has a lot of paperwork. Scott stops by his desk and says, "Ninety percent of everything is crap," which prompts Mr. Franka to say "Sturgeon's Law" Scott has the answer to Lee's challenge. Scott sees that Lee has printed a new sign that says, "This is not a cantaloupe" on her locker and writes a derogatory name below it that includes the word freaky. He tears off the sign and hopes she hasn't seen it yet.

Mouth is back at school and plans on reviewing, "The Princess Bride". He said that he read some of the book but watched the movie. How would Scott feel about this?
19- 21 continued
In Chapter 21, Christmas arrives. Scott buys a watch for Bobby. He hopes to get a new computer but is afraid he will not get one because of all the money being spent on the new baby.

Scott is home alone watching television and reading a book. His parents call at midnight and Lee calls right after that but neither can think of anything to say to each other. The chapter ends with Scott writing to Smelly.
Chapters 25- 27
*Scott gets a bag of black jelly beans from Lee.

* Scott attends another dance and Mouth reveals that he's asked every single girl to dance and they rejected him. He asks Scott if he thinks any girl might change her mind-->Scott states, he doesn't understand girls.

*Mouth drops by Scott's house one afternoon to pay back the lunch money he'd borrowed--> Mouth is strangely quiet and doesn't even stop to talk to him.

*The next day Scott and Wesley arrive at school to learn that "the weird kid" tried to commit suicide. Scott is afraid that it is Lee, but learns that it wasn't her. Lee thinks its sweet that Scott was worried about her but said that she would never attempt suicide.

*Scott learns that Mouth tried to hang himself but the ceiling fan broke. He survived but damaged his throat and can't speak.
Chapters 25-27 cont...
*Scott goes to the hospital to visit Mouth. How does Mouth have to communicate?

*Some kids start joking around about Mouth "hanging around", which makes Scott completely angry. He is so angry that he slams the kid into a locker.

*Wesley asks Scott if he heard about the attempted suicide. Scott expected Wesley to make a joke but is surprised when he says that it was "bad stuff".

*In Chapter 26--> Scott has to come up with a topic of study for English class. He decides to suggest comic books and Mr. Franka agrees.

*Scott goes again to visit Mouth and can't help but ask him why he attempted suicide. Mouth says he is lonely and no one likes him but Scott can't accept that answer because he points out that he doesn't have any friends either. He thinks there must be another reason. He wanted to know if his conversation at the dance had anything to do with it. Mouth tells Scott that he was the only student in the entire school who was even nice to him.

Chapters 25-27 cont...
Scott brings up the subject of bullying with Wesley. After they spoke about it, how did Wesley think differently about bullying?

Scott receives a letter from Mouth who is going to a different school. Scott mentions his guilt to Lee but was glad he was nice to him.

In Chapter 27, the English class begins its study of comics which turns out to be fun. A new teacher who speaks perfect English and was born in Argentina arrives, a change that catches Scott's attention.

Scott is thrilled about his article on the track meet and shows it to his mom who loves it. He tries to get Bobby to read it but he ends up throwing a fit and rips the paper.
Chapter 28-30
Chapter 28-30 cont...
In chapter twenty-eight, Scott takes a copy of "Tuck Everlasting" to Bobby and demands that he read a paragraph. Bobby refuses and they fight but eventually Bobby gives in and Scott realizes that Bobby can barely read. Bobby says he learned that if he got into enough trouble, no one cared if he didn't do his homework and he got through classes by doing that. Bobby, Scott, and their dad go fishing on the first day of trout season.

Chapter 28-30 cont...
In chapter twenty-nine, Bobby asks Scott if he's written another article for the paper. Scott offers to read it to him and Bobby says Scott obviously has a gift for writing. The students begin studying plays in English and Mr. Franka begins with the script for "Terminator." Scott attends the cast party after the final showing of the play and is praised by the other crew members for his hard work.

Scott talks to Kyle in the hallway---> asked if Kyle talked to Kelly to find out if Julia is interested in him--> Kyle tells Scott that Julia is out of his league.
Kyle and Scott are soon physically fighting.

Lee put a sign on Scott's locker that reads "Let's Go---Where does she want to go? How does Scott respond to the question?

Kelly begins winking at Scott and tells Scott that someone wants to talk to him about the dance. She sends him to a classroom expecting Julia, but it turns out to be Vernon. What happens next? Who asks Scott about the fight? How do these people respond to his response?

Scott asks his dad on advice about what to do when he hurt a girl's feelings. (meaning Lee) What is the father's advice?

On Mother's day. Scott's mother doesn't want to go out. Then a limo arrives at their house and the dad convinces his wife to go out in the limo. She finally agrees and the whole family goes through fast food resturants all over town.

Scott tires to hire a limo to take Lee to the dance but can't afford it. He tells Lee that he will be by her house at 7 o'clock. Why does Vernon's car come to a screeching halt and what does Julia tell Scott? What does Julia ask Scott? What is his response? What is her response?

What does Scott realize about Bobby?

Scott's fight with Kyle prompted by the fact that Kyle mentions the word freaky in regards to Lee. What does Scott realize about Kyle?

Chapters 31-33
In chapter thirty-one, Scott wakes in the middle of the night to Bobby's guitar playing. He goes to Bobby's room where he learns that Bobby's been asked to join some guys he knows in Nashville for a music audition.

Scott convinces Bobby that going is the right thing to do and Bobby leaves. With Bobby's absence, the family's only car is the Corvette and Scott knows his dad can't drop him at the dance with a date in that car.

That afternoon when Wesley gives him a ride home, Scott asks if Wesley will take them. Wesley agrees. Scott then dyes his hair an incredible shade of red. He notes that he endures a lecture from his parents for his act but feels the need to make a statement. He's writing in his journal when he hears a car and says Wesley has arrived, though it's not the car he normally drives.
Chapters 31-33 cont...
In chapter 32, Wesley is dressed as a limo driver and is driving a big white limo.

How does Lee look when he goes to pick her up for the dance?

Scott's mom goes into labot and tells her son to go to the dance instead of the hospital.

Lee convinces Scott to dance with Julia. Who does he like dancing with the most?

Lee and Wesley go with Scott to the hospital to see his new baby brother. Scott finishes up a journal entry. pledging to always be honest. He begins his journal by saying all new born babies are hideous.

What is the Mouth situation?

In chapter 33, Scott continues to write. He writes a letter to Mouth and lets Lee and Mr. Franka read some of his plays/ short stories. Scott states, that his mom has already bought Sean a book and his dad has bought him a tool set. Bobby is in the middle of a tour in New Orleans and buys the family a new computer with his first check. Scott says Wesley is about to graduate and realizes that he is no longer a freshmen
* Actions have consequences- Mouth's suicide attempt, Scott joining all the activities Julia was in, Scott's reaction to when he first hears about the suicide attempt, Wesley's bullying, Lee's locker incident, the three musketeers.

*Coming of Age- know how the characters change through the course of the novel. An example of this is how Scott enters high school with four male friends and by the end of his freshmen year he is no longer friends with any of them

*The Inability to Fully Know Another Person-Do not judge a book by its cover-Lee, Wesley, Bobby, Julia, Scott, Three Musketeers, etc...

Point of View
*First person limited perspective-Scott's point of view.

* The first view pages are third person omniscient point of view. There is a brief second person perspective but the whole of the novel is first person limited.
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