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Food System model

No description

Bonnie Chiu

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Food System model

J.W. Sexsmith Community School Population 407 students Goals and Objectives Focus on developing literacy skills with highly structured instructional programs in non-fiction reading and writing Concentrate on active living with an emphasis on daily physical education and a spotlight on improving nutrition habits REACH to be a 5-star school Respect each other, ourselves, the school and property;
Excel in all that we set out to do and should do;
Accept ourselves and others;
Care about each other and each other's feelings;
Help when help is needed Key Stakeholders Group 36 Nutritionist Teachers Parents UBC Farm Students Professionals who work in UBC Farm
help out in the school garden lead the students during the cooking activity
volunteer to help out the students From Rocky Mountain
help out organizing and managing the garden Volunteer to prepare food during cooking activity
help out with their kids when they are cooking
washing and cleaning dishes at the end of the program kids from selected classes participate during the cooking program
experience the cooking aspect of the food system and learn about the nutritional facts School System: Food System: To enhance the sustainability of the school food system
To create a sense of community (by creating program of sharing and cooking food together)
students learn more about organic food (rather than fast food) such as organic fruits and vegetables by creating a garden in the campus
students learn about nutritional facts and gain cooking experience
students experience with food rather than just eating them Components Garden Lunch Room Composting System Cooking Program NOVA Food Form BC SFVNP Nutritionist UBC Neighborhood 7455 Ontario Street
Rows of single-family homes
quiet and relaxing
light traffic Boundaries Local Provincial bring lunch
from home buy food from restaurants
and super markets school garden School food system UBC farm collaborate with the school and help out with the garden NOVA Food Service
provide food order forms to the school Internal & External Interactions of the system BC SFVNP
BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program
delivers healthy fruit and vegetable snacks to children in public schools across the province. Nutritionist from Rocky Mountain help out with the school food nutritional program especially working in the garden Internal School Students & Parents Students' parents volunteer for washing dishes
Some classes participate in a cooking program External School INPUTS OUTPUTS Community, Donators, & Other Participants NOVA Food form
UBC Farm professionals help build the garden
Nutritionists help manage the garden workforce (students, teachers, parents volunteers, nutritionists, UBC farm workers etc.)
resources and properties (school facilities such as lunch room and kitchen, land properties such as garden)
food for lunch from various internal and external sources ( NOVA, BC SFVNP, home, grocery stories etc.) * The school is under construction of a new replacement school - allocation of new resources and transformation of a more industrialized food system (expecially the inputs of modern kitchen facilities) Fresh & healthy foods
Gaining of food and nutritional knowledge, and cooking experience
Satisfaction and pleasure gained by involving in the food community
Wastes & food leftover The End Thank You !!!
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