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Japanese Meal Manner

No description

Yasushi Hattori

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Japanese Meal Manner

in Japanese Meal Table HOW TO HOLD A BOWL When you can
make noise while eating rice soup main dish side dish triangular eating "You were a Feast (preparer)." bad manners
with chopsticks FYI, Caution for Vegetarian Some dishes in Japan don't seem to contain chicken, pork, meat and other food which Vegetarian cannot or don't want to eat. 拾い箸(hiroibashi)
picking chopsticks 刺し箸(sashibashi)
skewering chopsticks 指し箸(sashibashi)
pointing chopsticks ねぶり箸(neburibashi)
licking chopsticks Made from FISH Dashi : soup stock
using FISH A correct way to set up
your tableware
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