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Hailey Ray

on 27 May 2013

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BY: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON SETTING THE BOOK STARTS OUT ON JUNE 1751 ETTRICK,SCOTLAND. THROUGH OUT THE BOOK THE MAIN CHARACTER GOES TO MANY DIFFERENT PLACES. CHARACTER ANALYSIS DAVID IS ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTER. HE IS VERY BRAVE,CUNNING AND SMART. SOMETIMES HE GETS HIMSELF IN TROUBLE BECAUSE HE TENDS TO UNDERMINE PEOPLE. DAVID BALFOUR ALAN BRECK STEWART CHARACTER ANALYSIS ALAN IS THE OTHER MAIN CHARACTER IN THE BOOK. HE IS VERY STRONG,CUNNING AND KNOWS THE GEOGRAPHY LIKE THE BACK OF HIS HAND. HE TENDS NOT TO THINK ABOUT HIS CINCEQUENCES AND CAN BE VERY VIOLENT. HE EFFECTS THE PLOT BECAUSE WITH HIS WEAKNESS OF UNDERMINING PEOPLE HE GETS HIMSELF INTO TROUBLE WHICH PUSHES THE PLOT BECAUSE THEN HE HAS TO SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS. plot IN THIS BOOK DAVID'S FATHER DIES. BECAUSE OF THIS DAVID GOES TO LIVE WIITH HIS UNCLE WHO LIVES IN THE HOUSE OF SHAWS. DAVID'S UNCLE SELLS HIM TO BE A SLAVE ON A SHIP CALLED THE COVENANT. DAVID AND ALAN SIEGE THE SHIP AFTER THEY HERE THAT THE CAPTION WAS PLANNING TO KILL ALAN. ON THE TRIP TO ALANS DESTINATION THE SHIP CRASHES AND ALAN AND DAVID HAVE TO FIRST FIND EACH OTHER THEN FIND A WAY HOME . CONFLICT MAN VS MAN DAVID'S UNCLE SELLS HIM TO BE A SLAVE ON A SHIP. THIS PROBLEM IS RESOLVED BECAUSE ALAN AND DAVID SIEGE THE SHIP AND KEEP THE CAPTIAN CAPTIVE. THEY END UP IN CONTROLL OF THE WHOLE SHIP MAN VS SOCIETY THE SHIP THAT ALAN AND DAVID OCCUPIED WRECEKED LEAVING DAVID STRANDED AND ALONE. THIS PROBLEM WAS RESOLVED BECAUSE DAVID FOUND ALAN AND USING ALANS GREAT KNOWLEDGE THEY FIND THERE WAY HOME. David is accused of murder that he did not do. He flees for his life and runs into Alan who David thinks did the murdering. The problem is resolved when David and Alan flee back to the House of Shaws and clear their name. " I gave a piercing scream-- help, help murder-- so that both sides of the anchor rang with it and my uncle turned around were he was sitting and showed me a face full of cruelty and horror. TONE The tone of this book is suspenseful. Many times , like in the quote, the author used foreshadowing and cliff hangers to hook the reader and to keep them on the edge of their seat. quote " There fell upon me a blackness of despair, a horror of remorse at my own folly, and a passion of anger at my uncle. This quote shows the mood of the book. It signifies the hate David acquires for his uncle after he sells him to be a slave on a ship. Theme I believe the theme of the book is that good always conquers evil I choose this theme becauase throughout the book David is confronted by evil, David's uncle and the captain, but in the end him and Alan conquer them all. An example of the theme from the book is that David's uncle sells him to be a slave on a ship but David and Alan take over the boat and find there way home. personal response I felt that throughout the book I got more connected to David. I felt What he felt. he was scared when he got kidnapped, on edge during the seige of the round house and relieved when he got home The larger message I took from the novel is that no matter what bad is thrown at you, you can always conquer it with good.
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