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Corporate Culture

No description

Kelly Polderman

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture
08 SEP/SEP 1996
V / F
Avans University of Applied Sciences
22 MAA/MAR 2015
22 MAA / MAR 2025
Ecole Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation

The International Film and Television School - Paris
Most important colleagues
EICAR was founded in 1972

The school is divided in 2 departments
- French Department
- International Department
Department of my internship
General Information
Rhonda E. Constantin

Operations manager

At EICAR since 2009
My company mentor

3 types of study programs:
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (3 years)
- Master of Fine Arts (2 years)
- Fast Track (1 year)
International Department
+- 150 students with 40 different nationalities
- Directing
- Cinematography
- Screenwriting
- Producing
- Editing

Bob Swaim

Director of the International Department

At EICAR since 2007

Hugo Boris

Pedagogical Manager

At EICAR since 2007
Eiffel Tower

Position oriented
Clear role divisions

Clear, stipulated tasks

No room for ambiguity
People cannot quickly deal with change

High level of bureaucracy

Lack of dynamism

People are precise and meticulous
(Van Melle, 2014)
(Van Melle, 2014)
(Van Melle, 2014)
(Selwyn, 2013)
Example of the Eiffel Tower
structure of EICAR
Every year the intern must file away all the papers and stuff that the director collected through the year.
The pedagogical manager collects all the absence forms of students until an intern is hired at the office so he/she can enter the absences in the system for him.
Every Tuesday the office is closed for students and teachers.
Every other simple job like copying, collecting information, etc. is given to the intern or assistant.

EICAR offers Final Cut Pro and related courses given by Apple trained and certified instructors.
Students participate in Kodak seminars. They make use of Kodak screening rooms and have access to special cameras.
Other partnerships
10 multifunction training rooms

6 large in house studios

Several specialized studios

Screening rooms

Recently, EICAR has been sold and I noticed that the employees have a hard time adapting the change. Offices are messy and unorganized, for example.
The director refuses to do it himself because he has the role of director.
He claims that that job is not for 'managers'.
Even when inappropriate, like collecting personal information from teachers or colleagues.
Both managers claim to have too much work that day so they do not have time for students
A date needed to be picked for faculty diner and the director chose one.
It did not matter whether or not other colleagues were available, he was not going to change that date.
Title oriented
Formal Style
Three aspects to consider
Relationships between employees and their organization
Hierarchical system of authority
Employees' views on company's goals, destiny and purpose
When analyzing a company's corporate culture
The relationship between the employees and EICAR is very much reputation based.
(Van Melle, 2014)
Once a student got expelled.
His school e-mail was immediately deleted.
In this way he could not spread bad thoughts about EICAR towards all the other students.
EICAR's goal is to prepare students for the international job market
(EICAR, n.d.)
Employees support these goals by organizing masterclasses and workshops
Moreover, most of the teachers have worked in the international job market themselves
Merci beaucoup pour votre attention

Thank you for your attention
With all information provided and the supporting examples
It can be concluded that there is a strong Eiffel Tower culture in EICAR, the international film and television school - Paris
Kelly Polderman
The Eiffel Tower culture fits the best in the values and relationships of EICAR and its employees
Out of experience it can be stated that the Tuesday is not different from other days regarding the workload
EICAR. (n.d.). Mission. Referred to on March 13, 2015, via EICAR-international: http://www.eicar-international.com/film-school-goals.php

Selwyn. (2013, March 11). Trompenaars' Four Corporate Cultures. http:/www.selwyn.org/selwyn/node/27

Van Melle, J. (2014, December 4). Corporate Culture. Referred to on March 11, 2015, via Blackboard: https://bb.avans.nl/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp course_id=_81168_1&content_id=_5443663_1
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