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PNPV Rev.2

No description

Manuel Gentile

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of PNPV Rev.2

PNPV rev2
“I can ... I cannot ... I go!”
Posso ... Non Posso ... Vado! Rev.2
Self-evaluation tool to measure Entrepreneurship potential
Tool to define business plan
"To know how to be, to know how to do: Young Entrepreneurs"
Training modules “Young Entrepreneurs”
Test to measure
Entrepreneurship Intention
Business Game
with contextual help and learning resources
Contest between the students to define a business idea
There is a need to develop a common theoretical framework to
evaluate the efficacy of entrepreneurship education programmes
Highlight a
significant difference
in the
entrepreneurship intention

students measured before and after the training intervention
could be an

indicator of the efficacy of educational program
"a conscious state of mind that directs attention (and therefore experience and action) toward a specific object (goal) or pathway to achieve it" (Birds, 1989).
I have a lot more energy than most people at school.
I like to get things off the ground when we’re doing a project.
I’m usually the “driving force” among my friends.
I like to have a role at the margins of a project.
Personal control
I like to get on with things in class rather than be taken through step-by-step by the teacher.
I usually get on with things in class rather than wait for everyone else.
I don’t like lessons where we are left on our own to get on with our work.
I prefer to figure things out on my own rather than rely on a teacher to explain everything.
I believe that a good imagination helps you do well at school.
I enjoy lessons where the teacher tries out different ways of teaching.
Being creative is an advantage in lessons.
I like lessons that really stretch my imagination.
I would like my lessons to involve lots of different creative activities.
I feel proud when I’ve designed something myself and made it.
I have chosen subjects at school/college that give me the freedom to express my own ideas.
I can often see better ways of doing routine tasks.
I am good at combining ideas in ways that others have not tried.
I am not very original in my ideas thoughts and actions. (-)
I am never able to think up answers to problems that haven’t already been figured out.(-)
I enjoy talking the class round to my point of view.
I usually take the initiative on any project I’m involved in.
I think I can easily carry my classmates with me when I have an idea.
I enjoy taking responsibility for things in the classroom.
When we do a school project I’m right there at the centre of things.
I like taking the lead in projects at school.
I really like being leader of a group.
Project work gives me the chance to take a leading role in the group.
When working in a group I do my best to persuade the others to take up my ideas.
I am often chosen to be the team leader or captain of my team.
I like organising other people.
My friends follow my suggestions when they can’t make up their minds.
I’m good at motivating my classmates.
Self efficacy
I want my future work to be based around a set of challenges that I would find interesting.
Once I start something I like to finish it.
I would join a club/interest group independently of my friends if it was something I really wanted to do.
I’m not easily swayed by other people’s opinions, but do what I think is best.
My spending money is important because it gives me a sense of my independence.
I’ve been brought up to think for myself.
I'd rather make my own mistakes than listen to someone else's orders.
I would rather someone else take over the leadership role when I'm involved in a group project.(-)
I like to get a good idea of what a job is all about before I begin. (-)
I’d rather not have too much responsibility. (-)
I enjoy making my own decisions.
I consider myself to be generally more capable of handling situations than others are.
When I see a problem, I prefer to do something about it rather than sit by and let it continue.
Others usually know what is best for me.(-)
I like to wait and see if someone else is going to solve a problem so that I don't have to be bothered with it.(-)
Educational resources on Entrepreneurship
Contextual tips on Entrepreneurship
PNPV Business Game
Learning platform (i.e. Moodle)
Business Game Timeline
Agent based simulation
1° step (only theoric lesson)
Introduction on a specific entrepreneurhsip concept for the next step
Student decisions
Agent based simulation
General step
12 steps/meetings (?)
Market segmentation
Marketing strategy
Enterprise organization
Financial policies and procedures
Market segment on which to focus
Setup of the holiday village
types of accommodation
types of services (sports, fitness, services for children)
Personnel recruitment
Market research
Pricing policies
Corporate Social Responsibility
Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
Request for a loan
Young families with 2 children from 0-10 years
Average family with 2 children 11-20 years
Families with more pop than 2 children
Suite 75 sqm
Suite 60 sqm
Suite 50 sqm
Bungalow 75 sqm
Bungalow 60 sqm
Bungalow 50 sqm
Pitch 60 sqm
Pitch 75 sqm
Agent based simulation
3° step
Agent based simulation
2° step
Agent based simulation
4° step
5° step
Agent based simulation
Final step
Entrepreneurial Concept
Online Activity
Access to Learning resources
Monitor evolution of the market
Online Activity
Access to Learning resources
Monitor evolution of the market
Online Activity
Access to Learning resources
Monitor evolution of the market
Online Activity
Access to Learning resources
Monitor evolution of the market
Online Activity
Access to Learning resources
Monitor evolution of the market
Next Concept
Online Activity
Access to Learning resources
Monitor evolution of the market
6° step
Online Activity
Access to Learning resources
Monitor evolution of the market
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