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Welcome to Gizem and Tiago's life journey

No description

Tiago Nazaré

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Gizem and Tiago's life journey

Hello family and friends!
It all started in 1988...
So cute, right?
Follow us while we take you through our life journey.
We appreciate your help and hope you enjoy!

Our childhood was happy...
With the love of our parents...
And friends!
Time flew and soon we were at university
In 2009 we decided to go on Erasmus to Maastricht
And that was when our paths crossed for the first time...
Throughout the semester we had lots of fun...
And traveled a lot
around Europe!
In the end, we realized that our journey had just started!!
We started dating on April 14th
In the last 5 years a lot has happened...
Until one day...
We even showed up in a
famous magazine!!
Tiago proposed!
And by the way
she said "yes"!
That summer Tiago's parents went to Turkey and asked Gizem from her family...
One year has passed and we will finally get married in August, when we hope to see you all!
And to celebrate, we want to go on an amazing trip to...
South America!
We want to start in
Buenos Aires
Iguassu Falls...
And finish in
Ilha Grande
And finally
Rio de Janeiro!
To fulfil our dream we would appreciate
your help!
PT 50 0065 0923 00407750009 77
Dank u
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