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Test Presentation

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Betty Boo

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Test Presentation

Engineering Design
Science Education Engineering Design Science synthetic goal = create product to meet a need analytic goal = explanation of natural phenomena What is the relationship between design and science? All science must include some design All design must include some science Design hypothesis
Design experiment
Design instrument Analyze data
Explain failures
Develop models Design-based Science Learning Curriculum units High School sciences Chemistry, Biology & Physics
Curriculum Design
Professional Development
Learning Theory What strategies do students use when solving a design challenge? Science-reasoning strategies? Design-focused strategies? What is the relationship between strategy use and what is learned from a design task? Innovative Learning
Environments Pedagogy
Technology I am a
Learning Scientist Design a product to meet an everyday need Simple Design Task to answer these questions Earthquake Task Big Questions:
How are students learning?
What are students learning? LEARNING Design-based Learning = students are required to use and extend their knowledge of science and math to develop a technological solution to a problem using available resources. Big Questions:
How are students learning?
What are students learning? Big Questions:
How are students learning?
What are students learning? CURRICULUM
DEVELOPMENT Heated Toilet Seat Earthquake Task
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