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The Notorious Arnolds

No description

Charlotte Fuller

on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of The Notorious Arnolds

The Notorious Arnolds
Peggy Shippen
Before her husband became a traitor...
Peggy Shippen
After Benedict Arnold became a traitor

Benedict Arnold
Before he became a traitor. . .
What is a traitor?
Peggy Shippen had a life before she met Arnold...
Peggy grew up in a family of loyalists
She grew up as many young ladies of that time did:




Many ladies at the time had hair piled 6 feet high
A ball that almost everyone in Philadelphia attended
Took place during the British occupation of Philadelphia
Cost millions of dollers that could have
gone towards buying new supplies
Peggy Shippen lived a life full of parties,
dances, various men and friends
After Arnold's treacherous act
Peggy pretended to go
completely insane and fooled
general Washington into
believing she was innocent
She was sent to live in Philadelphia
but terrible rumors began to spread
about her. The people of Philadelphia
forced her to go live with her husband
in London.
After Arnold's death
Benedict Arnold left Peggy with a
numerous amount of debts for her to deal
with. Peggy was so overwhelmed by all this
that she began to have suicidal thoughts.
fortunately she began to handle the debts
and once they were cleared, she handled
life much better than Arnold ever had.
Three years later at age 44, Peggy Shippen
died. She had been having terrible
headaches and chronic pains. She described
in various letters how awful she felt.
Benedict grew up as an avid patriot.
Attended an expensive respected boarding school in Canterbury. Although, once his drunk father's debts began to rise, Arnold was forced to quit.
Benedict Arnold joined the Continental Army, on April 21, 1775. Just days after the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
He quickly became known as a reckless, bold, military leader, earning the name General Arnold.
George Washington grew quite fond of Benedict Arnold. He fought for him in court cases, gave him high positions, and exchanged quite a few letters with General Arnold.
When Commander Washington found out about Arnold's infamous action later on, he was more devastated than his soldiers had ever seen him before.
Benedict Arnold was always jumping for action. Which is why he randomly declared that he was marching to Quebec to invade their land.
Reasonably, it ended terribly with his men ill, injured, and practically frozen to death.
In the Battle of Saratoga, despite the American's outstanding victory, Arnold was injured terribly in his left leg.
His leg was put into a wooden fracture box, where it shrunk two inches. Arnold would never fight a battle the same. And never fight a battle under Washington. . .
Benedict Arnold
His betrayal and beyond. . .
Benedict Arnold began plotting with a British officer, John Andre.
Without Washington knowing Arnold's secret, he gave Arnold a high position at West Point. This is where the British were supposed to take over a defenseless area and in return, Arnold would receive money.
George Washington found out in time and stopped any of this from happening.
Benedict Arnold and Peggy Shippen moved to London after the Battle of Yorktown, where they delt with foul reputation remarks and serious debts.
Benedict Arnold eventually passed away from throbbing pain in his left leg, gout in both legs, severe asthma, and heart failure. He died on June 14, 1808.
Benedict Arnold was a _________ traitor because. . .
Benedict Arnold married a loyalist, Peggy Shippen. Who was, in fact, his second choice in marriage to Betsy DeBloise.
He actually gave Peggy Shippen the same love letter that he gave to Betsy DeBloise, just changed the name at the top.
John André was a
British General for the
British Army during the
Revolutionary War.
John André was very flirtatious with the lady's and was the life of the party. However, it was suspected at the time that André was sleeping with one of his male Generals.
André had a passion for the arts (theatre,painting and writing) he often painted the backdrop for plays.
André was also a spy
for the British. He was
eventually captured by
the Americans and was taken
as prisoner of war.
Eventually, John André was hanged by
the Americans and condemned
as a spy.
The Notorious Benedict Arnold
by Steve Sheinkin
Pgs: 4-5, 299-302
Treacherous Beauty
Pgs: 160-161
-Benedict Arnold
by Mark Jacobs
and Stephen Case
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