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Assyrian Battering Rams

Were used to invade other surrounding empires in the ancient times

Kelly Rhodes

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Assyrian Battering Rams

Step 1: The assyrians collected raw materials such as:
wood, rope, nails, and iron The steps needed to make the battering ram Step 2: Then, the assyrians used saws to shape the wood to make wheels, the foundation to the battering ram, and the stalk itself. Step 3: Next, the assyrians used a hammer and nails to put the pieces to the foundation together The creation of the Battering Ram By: Kelly Rhodes The importance of the Battering Ram The battering ram was used to break through another empire's walls. Resources: The assyrians didn't have rope, so they recieved it through trade. The rope was then used to tie the stalk to the mobile structure Iron was melted and placed on the tip of the stalk, so it was more efficient when being used. The battering ram was also used as a threat to other empires http://medieval.stormthecastle.com/armorypages/battering_rams.htm
http://www.youtube.com/ The Finalized Product
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